3 Most Common Mobile App Security Fallouts for Business-Critical Apps
July 26, 2013 admin

blog1Business apps add agility to work processes & enrich co-ordination. However, low data security measures while mobile app development can erode its benefits. Read on to learn how you can avoid this.

So at the meeting on ‘enhancing workforce productivity’, you figured out that having a mobile app for project management purpose will help you get things done faster, make co-ordination amongst dissipate teams easier and – most importantly – help you serve clients with agility.

Great. This is what most corporate have been doing to pump up productivity and stay in the know of multiple projects being executed simultaneously.

But here’s the catch: Your mobile app development company should code the app such that the business-critical data remains totally protected. For this you should make sure that before you get down to developing the app, make sure you tighten these three security loopholes.

1. Unsecured Data Transmit: As your application is required to transmit data, make sure you use transit encryption SSL/TLS in the form of HTTPS. This way even if your team members use un-secured public WiFi to access the application, critical information such as username, password, and important data is transmitted securely. While this may sound obvious, it is often overlooked either due to time crunch or sheer ignorance.

2. Data Stored on the User’s Device is Left to Luck: When the device gets infected by malware or virus, the app data is affected. To avoid such a situation, ask your mobile app developer to use encryption or similar feature that mobile platforms provide to keep sensitive data safe.

3. Skipping the Non-Discloser Agreement: Never ever do this. In this day and age when ideas are as marketable as products and services ensure to protect your intellectual property rights. When you sign a non-discloser agreement with your mobile app development company, the app source code and graphics remain as your proprietary – exclusive to your project.

 Stay involved with the app security at each phase of the development process. Engage reputable mobile application company with a proven record of developing enterprise application and follow stringent data security practices.