5 Reasons why enterprises should invest on Android App Development
May 15, 2014 admin

Gone are the days when android applications were primarily meant for weather look-ups and playing angry birds. These lighter versions of the software have now become a vital part of enterprises. They have become the face of the enterprise for client communication, on the fly real time updates, collaboration. Android apps are also robust inventory management and communication tool. If you do not have a mobile strategy, and you are looking to implement one, go for android app development. Following are the reasons why you should invest on Android development.banner-21

Android: An ideal platform for enterprises

Android is built on JAVA. It has a rich set of libraries that promote the development of both: basic and the multifaceted app. Also, Android is an open source platform. As a result, development cost is relatively low as compared to other operating systems. The best part is there is a pool of android developers in India, serving global clients with quality android app development solutions.

Improved security

In 2012, Google rolled out major security fixes to the android platform. This move significantly improved the overall security of the platform. Now, it is one of the most secure platforms in the market. The platform has been bolstered with address space layout customization, which makes it extremely difficult for malware to locate data structure for executing codes. Though, free, it is absolutely secure and reliable. The OS periodically reminds users to decrypt their devices.

Ease of customization

Android app development offers ample scope for customization. Regardless of the nature and vertical of your business, android is capable of accommodating your requirement. You can get the applications designed as per your needs. You want the application as a communication tool, collaborative tool, for managing sales team or for getting real time updates; you can get the application developed as per your desires.

Distribution Mechanisms

Android applications can be promoted among the target audience via multiple channels. Businesses can connect with customers and employees in real time irrespective of their location. Android apps developed can also be marketed by enterprises as their product through various marketing channels.

Open to developers

Being open source, android developers are able to craft stunning applications at competitive prices. You are not entitled to pay any licensing or royalty fee. Since android has more than 80% percent of the market share, it makes more sense to invest on android development.

These are some compelling reasons why enterprises should prefer android as their app development platform. If you are looking cost-effective technology partners, you can easily hire android developers from India.