Why Android Apps development Industry is catching up with Apple’s App Store?
February 7, 2013 admin

android_appleThe android app development industry is on a new high thanks to increase in numbers of Android apps in the Google Play store, which is fast catching up with the Apple app store. The tremendous success of Samsung Galaxy SIII and Google Nexus because of their open source Android operating system has created many new Android users.

The mobile apps developer community around the world now gives equal importance to Android as it does to iPhone. There is a gradual shift towards Android platform and it would be not wrong to say that Android has caught up with the iPhone and will soon get past it, if the trend continues.

The open source boon of the Android OS and increasing numbers of players like Samsung, Intel, etc. are investing their time and money in Google Android; the competition is getting fierce. The low costing Android phones are spurring the sales of handsets, especially in the countries like India that has huge numbers of mobile application users.

Further Google has ploughed deeper into the Android platform and sown better development tools to help developers build better, more customized and cost-effective apps to improve their performance and make them irresistible to the users.

The Android apps development companies have something to cheer about as they know now they have the opportunity to bite bigger and deeper in the mobile-apps–pie, which was earlier reserved for Apple.