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androidAndroid game development market has registered an incredible growth in last two years-outpacing iPhone. Android mobile phone has become excellent gaming device thanks to new features. Android apps development framework also evolutes very fast to empower Android game developers, embed excellent user interfaces, 3D graphics, multimedia features and take gaming experience to next level. So now your Android phone becomes a perfect gaming device to give you dazzling gaming experience.

Our Approach

When you come to us to get an Android game developed, we keenly listen to your requirement and brainstorm to create a plot that is line with your requirement. Our game visualizers take the story to the design board where all game characters and environment is created. The programmers work with designers to bring life into them through Logic implementation, multimedia and graphic features, animation and special effects. The result is- brilliant looking game. Once that is done its test and fixed for bugs and trial run carried to ascertain all is well before released in the market.

Our Expertise

At SP Technolab we ensure that you get world class games for your Android phone. It is not a false promise but a truth: this confidence stems from our rich experience in Android apps development domain and unshakeable faith in technical ingenuity of our developers to innovate, as when required. They have profound knowledge in tools and technologies like Java, Linux, HTML5, and CSS3.


We create games that are user-centric, dazzling and engrossing to give end –users a great time. We make sure that our Android games are:

  • Intelligent, absorbing and interactive
  • Consume less battery power
  • Real HD graphics
  • Use of 3D and 4D technology
  • Precise audio and video synchronization

If you want gripping, enticing and sensational Android phone games at very competitive price then S.P Technolab is the right place to knock the doors.

Contact us for any of your Android Game development requirements.

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