Android Vs iOS : Rich Mobile Platform
December 8, 2014 admin

Android Vs iOS : Which is Rich Mobile Platform For Apps Development

Society is facing the post PC transition as more people are choosing mobile to perform various tasks than ever before. At present, approximately 1.5 billion people are using Smartphones on the planet. These Smartphones support mobile banking, social media, Microsoft Office, gaming applications and what not. At the time of starting to develop an app, there comes a lot of hype to choose between android and iOS.

Both iOS and Android are the most dominant players in the mobile space. According to the latest studies, these two mobile platforms are too much closer in market share in the U.S.

Until last year Apple was the dominant mobile operating system in the market. In this year’s market share Android beats Apple by the mark of 1 million at the application development perspective, globally. The identity of Android is growing day by day due to the huge success of Samsung Galaxy S-series.

Android Vs iOS : Which is Rich Mobile Platform For Apps Development

However, iOS has the highest return rate for developers when it comes to app purchases. Therefore, Apple has been more profitable and still dominates the application platform in monetization. The application approval process in iOS is more ardent than Android. Android provides access to a larger audience and more flexibility in design. Therefore, it would never be easy to decide a platform to start developing apps.

Some of the factors to consider while choosing platform for developing apps are outlined below.


While the iOS apps development were more valuable to developers in the recent years, but the advancement in Android platform has totally changed the picture of mobile space. Now the quickest way to find the difference in profitability of these two platforms is to compare their download figures. Developers should opt for a platform after performing a relevant research on the number of downloads, including the advertising revenue and the price on both mobile platforms.

On the whole, Apple developers make more money than Android programmers. In android there is a lot of fragmentation which is needed to be tested. While the testing and developing an app is much simpler for iOS.

Language ease and publishing

Apple has higher standards in the apps designing environment because its security levels are high and app development is also easy. On the other hand, Android’s development tool is a little bit difficult to use and encounters certain bugs.

While Android gives most of the apps running and synchronization permissions elegantly, the iOS displays a long list of security check and build settings that guarantee to frustrate any mobile developer. iOS requires a lot of complicated certificates and distribution check of the developer’s profile. Thus publishing an Android app development takes a lesser effort than an iOS app.


Apple is usually considered as the high-standard consumer platform because of its higher cost. The average apple user tends to be more engaged with the technology. Apple devices and their apps are highly priced in the consumer market.

Therefore in order to target a lower income demographic, Android should be the priority of the developer. Android applications hold the highest position in terms of profits and popularity due to greater flexibility and designs at low cost. Whereas iOS has other benefits. Keep your priorities in mind and choose the one that would fetch more gains for you.