Cashing in on the Mobile Games Revolution
March 20, 2013 admin

China has eclipsed USA, as the largest user of the Smartphones and other countries like Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, India, Mexico and Vietnam are close on the heels. It will not be wrong to say that in coming years, Smartphones will play a crucial role in the global economy. With mobile games shaping into a major industry, there are huge opportunities for the software creators, game developers and other skilled professionals.

Smartphone technology is undergoing rapid evolution. Customers have in their hands sophisticated devices that empower them to shop, communicate, manage business & transaction, entertain and network, while on the move. Of all these segments mobile gaming offers gaming companies opportunities galore to mint quick money.

Mobile commerce is one segment that will spruce growth of the gaming industry. The integration of Near Field Technology (NFC) in the global mobile commerce infrastructure makes it more convenient to make secure transactions across the globe. The result is an unlimited market for mobile gamingompanies.

The huge potential of the gaming market has created different business models; the major ones are on-device gaming, gaming systems and contracting. The on-gaming device category can be further divided into following categories:

  • Free-With- Ads model – Here the advertisers give away games for free but earn the revenues through advertisement banner displayed in the games.
  • Freemium and Payium models – The inbuilt apps in the handsets like Android or iPhone come at a price; but also benefit the end users as it gives them the opportunity to choose their preferred gaming level and the amount of money they can spend.
  • Traditional Paid Model – The revenue is generated when the consumers buy the software. Of all the models in generally seen this model generates more revenues for the mobile gaming companies around the world.

Mobile game companies also offer subscription- based monetization. The idea is to offer a regular service or virtual goods in return for their subscription of the games. With different marketing models at their disposal is easy for the gaming companies to cash in on the mobile games revolution.