Android O: New Features and APIs
June 8, 2017 admin

Google has recently released the Android O Developer Preview 2 and first public beta version. Android O introduces a variety of new features and capabilities for users and developers. This blog highlights what’s new in Android O.

Enhanced User Experience

  1. Redesigned Notifications

The notifications have been redesigned to provide easier and consistent way to manage notification behaviour and settings. Followings are the changes:

  • Notification Channel: Allows to create user-customizable for each specific notification. The UI refers to notification channels as notification category, for more information see
  • Notification badges: Support for displaying notification badges on app launcher icon has been provided. To learn more visit the link,
  • Snoozing: User can now snooze the notification display it again. Apps can remove or update a snoozed notification.
  • Notification Timeout: Now it’s possible to set a timeout to notification. After setting a timeout, a notification would be cancelled automatically when the timeout duration elapses.
  • Notification dismissal: The system can now predict whether the notification is dismissed by user manually or removed by app. To check how notifications are dismissed, you should implement the new onNotificationRemoved() method of
  • Background color: A customized look and feel can be applied to notification to match with the style of an App. This should be ideally used for ongoing tasks which are critical for user to see at a glance. For instance, you can set a green background for a phone call in progress notification. You can set the desired background color using following method
  • Messaging style: Those notifications which use the MessagingStyle class now display more content in collapsed form. A new method addHistoricMessage() can be used to provide context to a conversation by adding historic message to messaging related notifications.
  1. Autofill Framework

The same way like Chrome browser auto-fills the saved information such as address and credit card numbers when it detects a compatible fields. Well, a similar feature is coming in Android O, which saves the user the hassle of repeatedly the same information on a touchscreen keyboard.

The new Autofill framework allows apps to create and manage their own list of auto-fill data, then simply populate it into text field when appropriate. Even the user will have total control over the saved information.

  1. Picture-in-Picture mode

Android O allows activities to launch in picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. PIP is a special type of multi-window mode mostly used for video playback. PIP mode is already available for Android TV; Android O makes the feature available on other Android devices.

When an activity is in PIP mode, it is in the paused state, but should continue showing content. For this reason, developer should make sure app does not pause playback in its onPause() handler. Instead, developer should pause video in onStop(), and resume playback in onStart(). For more information, see Multi-Window Lifecycle.

To specify that activity can use PIP mode, set android:supportsPictureInPicture to true in the manifest.

  1. New Emojis

One major change in the new beta release is a set of revamped emojis. Google has finally ditched the blob-shaped smilies in favor of more traditional rounded ones, and most emojis now have a gradient applied to them.

The EmojiCompat support library prevents app from showing missing emoji characters. App users do not need to wait for Android OS updates to get the latest emoji. The library provides classes to implement backward-compatible emoji support on devices running Android 4.4 (API level 19) and higher.

  1. Fonts in XML

Android O introduces a new feature, Fonts in XML, which can be used fonts as resources. This means, there is no need to bundle fonts as assets. Fonts are compiled in R file and are automatically available in the system as a resource. Then we can access these fonts with the help of a new resource type, font.

  1. Fingerprint Scanner Gesture

The Pixel and Pixel XL shipped with an exclusive feature that allowed users to expand their notification tray by swiping down on the phone’s fingerprint scanner. This feature has since been added to Nexus devices, but Google’s taking the fingerprint-swipe gesture to a whole new level in Android O.

Third-party app developers can now use an Accessibility service to monitor the fingerprint scanner for swipes—both vertical and horizontal. This means that, by requesting an extra permission, your favorite apps will get fingerprint gesture functionality.

  1. WebView APIs

Android O provides several APIs to manage the WebView objects that display web content in app. These APIs, which improve app’s stability and security, include the following:

  • Version API
  • Google SafeBrowsing API
  • Termination Handler API
  • Renderer Importance API
  1. Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts

Another great addition to the System UI Tuner is a new lock screen shortcuts menu. It lets you add custom shortcuts that will show up in the bottom corners of your lock screen. You can pick any installed app to occupy one of these spaces, and there are several handy shortcuts to choose from, such as one that opens your selfie camera directly.

  1. Maximum Screen Aspect Ratio

Apps that target Android 7.1 or lower have a default maximum screen aspect ratio of 1.86. Apps targeting Android O or higher do not have a default maximum aspect ratio. If your app needs to set a maximum aspect ratio, use the maxAspectRatio attribute in the manifest.

  1. Unified layout margins and padding

Android O makes it easier to specify situations where opposite sides of a View element use the same margin or padding. Specifically, you can now use the following attributes in your layout XML files:

  • layout_marginVertical, which defines layout_marginTop and layout_marginBottom at the same time.
  • layout_marginHorizontal, which defines layout_marginLeft and layout_marginRight at the same time.
  • paddingVertical, which defines paddingTop and paddingBottom at the same time.
  • paddingHorizontal, which defines paddingLeft and paddingRight at the same time.
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Why you should go for mobile game development today!
March 20, 2015 admin

From those days the word called “games” evolves till date. But nowadays, it’s not necessary for us to create an environment to play indoor and outdoor games, but the environment has been created virtually for single/multiple users to play, interact and share. That means, this generation is took over by the technology drastically. With the advent of smart phones , the popularity and sales of these portable devices increased in the short period, paves the way for the mobile technology emerge slowly and adapt to the current trends to meet with the clients. The gap between the days from the evolution of symbian games to iPhone game development is shorter, but the technology has been tremendously hopped higher in the development of games. It is because the modern people from kids to granny’s have fun by engaging themselves in the games through smart phones. With the realistic graphical user interface design of these games, it catches the user’s attention and makes them to addict towards it.The mobile game development is done in such a way that we may dip in dilemma whether we are attracted by games or games have been developed to attract and addict us. But nowadays, instead of games being developed for fun and entertainment, it is more tremendously developed for business purposes that yield a profitable share for the business people to make them billionaires and trillion-ares.

Mobile Game Development CompanyAndroid phones are used by many people irrespective of their age. It is one of the mobile operating system platforms that support java. So, most of the apps used in smartphones are developed by Java. But, this trend may change in the upcoming years due to the emerging platforms.

Latest trends of Mobile Game development in use:

We know there are millions of game downloads every day. Though, 3d games and multi-player games like chess are the current market’s demand, the latest trends includes the following

  • Location based games

Adventurous games, treasure hunting games, car games, gift collection games, riddles and puzzles are some games that allows user to track location of the device using GPS service. Free running, man vs zombies are some of the examples of this game type.

  • Cross-platform games

There are some other games that can be played on mobile as well as laptops, thus supporting different platforms. Angry birds is one such game (cross-platform games).

  • Online games

There is also another type of games, in which groups are formed for playing on the social networking sites, which allows them to share and complete with another member in the same group connected through network.(connected or online games). It integrates communities to play games.

  • Serious games

Education and learning is the main objective of some types of games which is used by certain countries to educates people by learning through games (serious games). A force more powerful is one such type of game.

Go for mobile game development!

There is an increasing demand in multi player games and 3d games, that may rule the future. The following trends will fill the markets of mere future

  • Multi player mobile games
  • Advertising new products/promoting cinemas by mobile games.
  • 3d design scenario mobile games.

Multiplayer mobile games: Multi player mobile games development is getting its value with its increased number of users. It involves playing against many people that would conquer massive people in the mere future. These games are played with GPRS connection through network with a central server acting as a router and interact with each other.

Advertising new products/promoting cinemas: Many business people find their way to popularize their products through entertainment medias to advertise and market their products. Advertisements running at the bottom of the display seem familiar in many games nowadays. Certain companies have started investing for advertising through games. Some other games are developed depending on the roles played from the movie. This will promote the entertainment and capture the hearts of many people by bringing a positive look at that character.

3d design scenario mobile games: Real world mobile game development is not so far to reach. The gaming industries and the developers are targeting in this field that demands current trends and there will be an increase in the number of users in the future.

SP Technolab India’s leading and Reliable Mobile Game Development Company.At SP Technolab, we design, build and deliver amazing mobile games that keep end users immersed in their devices.


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Seven Reasons Why Your Mobile App Failed Or Failing
December 29, 2014 admin

Mobile application development is gathering popularity rapidly. Almost all businesses and companies want to have their own mobile app but not all taste the fruits of success. Let’s see why!
Seven Reasons Why Your Mobile App Failed Or Failing

  • Lack of proper research whether demand of the app exist or not

To decide to build a mobile app is an important and critical decision in itself. Deciding on the service you are providing through your app can be tricky, so, if you have not done proper research on the demand of the time and the users, then it can create a problem while mobile app development process. So, lack of research can make you land on the development of an app which will not attract users and hence business. This in turn will lead to the failure. Hence think and research properly to get a unique yet simpler idea which is able to attract users.

  • Poor marketing

Yes, you do need to market your application. With hundreds of thousands app in app market, the chances of touching icon of your application by users are bleak, if they don’t know about it. So lack of awareness of your app due to less advertisements can make it lead to the failure. So, do a flashy marketing to reach a wide area of users.

  • Not interacting enough

Getting your app downloaded is one thing and maintaining the user’s interest in it is another. If users are looking at your app as another space eating thing in their devices then surely they are going to delete it. So, keep the interaction on at all times to save your app from failure.

  • Bad face or designing

Though your app can create wonders as you are a successful mobile application developer but no one likes an app which lacks creative designing. If it is working well, it as well looks good also. It should not be complicated in functionality and should not look dull and make the users lose their interest in it. Many Android application development company show poor performance because of this little mistake.

  • Terrible execution

May be you have developed an excellent android application from an application developer point of view but if it portrays poor execution then it is definitely going to get dumped. Too many advertisements popping, force form filling of personal data and frequent crashing due to bugs can make the user frustrated and hence results in low ratings sufficient to kill your app.

  • Lack of focus on user’s point of view

After all for any application to survive it requires users. So, while developing an Apps it is of utmost importance that you should make it as a pro but while using it behave like a naïve user who just want to use the services and is not at all concerned that how things are getting done. Then only you will get the clear idea of what you need to focus while making the required app. Also during the execution your app should not wander off the main goal for what it is made.

  • Not differentiated properly

In this competitive world of millions of apps your app requires to be unique, however the core idea can match to many existing apps. So, think out of the box. Make it work in a different and fresh way. Also if you cannot successfully differentiate it with the mobile websites of same kind then it is surely not going to stay for long. So, failure in proper differentiation can lead to failure.

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Corona SDK -Mobile Application Development Platform
December 2, 2014 admin

Why Corona SDK (Software Development Kit) Is The Most preferred Mobile Applications Development Platform?

Corona SDK is a software development kit designed by Walter Luh who is also the founder of Corona Labs Inc. Corona SDK facilitates software programmers and developers to Develop mobile applications and games for various mobile platforms. Corona allows programmers to create advanced graphic applications by using Lua which is layered on the top of C++/OpenGL. Corona SDK works on the subscription based purchase model. According to this, it does charge on singular basis and impose any branding identity. More than 200k mobile app developers use this cross platform to develop applications and games.

Flawless mobile games and apps for all major platforms

Corona is the leading development framework for building games, ebooks, utilities and business applications. It is the best corona app development framework used worldwide for all major platforms like iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android devices. Corona supports a number of features in software development including audio, graphics, cryptography, networking, etc. It also provides device information features which involve accelerometer, GPS and user input. With Corona, you can develop mobile apps in less time with amazing accuracy and reliability. It is very well-known for developing a large number of hit mobile business applications and gaming applications.

Best cross platform for apps and game development

Corona SDK - Cross Platform for Mobile Application Development
It allows developers to develop in Lua which is an easy to learn language. It is coupled with APIs to allow adding features like Facebook, Twitter, etc. These additional features can be given to the mobile platform by just writing a few lines of codes. Then the same code base can be used for developing apps cross-platform. In this way by using the SDK, you can build mobile applications ten times faster.

Publish to all major mobile platforms

Corona allows its users to build games or apps in record time. With this software kit, you can build and publish your apps for free. To add more functionality, the SDK provides a feature of upgrading to Basic, Pro and Enterprise. The problems related to heavy text file and platform fragmentation will be taken care of by the Corona itself.

Corona introduced a new version of its platform, Coronacards, for using Windows Phone 8 more productively. Coronacards also brings a lot of flexibility to how developers can start developing for Windows Phone 8. Coronacards gives the software developers a privilege of appending to any native system by using Lua Bridge or anative.

Fastest and most accurate mobile development frame work

The Corona platform is built on industry standards like SQLite, OpenGL, Facebook and much more. It enables developing animation and application, networking, etc. just with a few lines of code. It works on automatic Open GL-ES integrated system that confirms fastest and accurate processing of the codes. Corona simulator calculates changes instantly when an app or a game is in the process of developing. It can iterate and process extremely quickly. For this, Corona supports Lua which is a lightning-fast and very easy to learn coding language. “State of the art” is the new graphic engine which is recently added to the SDK. This enables cinematic effects with just a few lines of code.

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Corona sdk cross platform mobile apps development
November 20, 2014 admin

Advantages of corona sdk cross platform mobile apps development

There are many ways to develop an apps using cross platform tools.You can choose a native development style or go for cross platform development.You may choose an open source model or paid software for development. A lot of factors go into the decision making process of selecting and using the best methodology for your Apps Development. So if you have somehow stumbled upon the name Corona SDK for cross platform apps development, do spare some minutes to know the advantages of the corona SDK before you make your decision.
Advantages of corona sdk cross platform mobile apps development

corona sdk cross platform mobile apps development

Corona helps you to build applications 10 times faster. Coding is made very simple and you can include complex functionalities with just few lines of code and see the changes instantly using the Simulator.


Single code base
With Corona you don’t have to hire multiple developers and use different development environments for each device. You create a single code base that works well with iOS, Android, kindle and Nook with platform specific conditionals. A single cross platform apps is the end product and corona also automatically scales your content across various devices.
Powerful APIs
Real time physics and gaming APIs can be easily added to your application with just few lines of human friendly code. The ease of use corona is providing lets even kids develop a chart topping apps and games.
Emphasis on design
Corona has advanced features to include graphic content and interactivity into your games and apps. When you are working with Corona you will start feeling more like a designer than a developer due to the wide range of design options Corona offers for your apps.
Faster monetization
Corona provides excellent integrated support for in apps purchases, banner ads and virtual currencies letting you monetize faster and easily.
Corona lets you join developers like you under the corona’s growing community of developers and get updated with third party tools. Corona has a shared code repository where developers can share their common knowledge and code snippets. Corona also has 347 studios all over the world helping developers.
Faster frame per second
Compared to most other SDKs Corona has a faster frame per second (FPS) making your app appear smooth and continuous with no lagging. Corona is the best platform for game development as it adjusts easily for various screen resolution and runs quickly without any lag.
Independent of IDE
There is no single Corona SDK IDE and you can use it any one of the third party tools or IDE that you find easy to work with. It also has amazing plugins for Sublime Text that is used for web and sales force development.
Lua programming
Lua is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and Corona is based upon this.
Rights to source code
Though the Corona game engine is a closed source, everything that you create with Corona is solely your own property written in lua. It lets you retain full rights to the lua code that makes up your project.
With so many advantages on its side, Corona SDK can be confidently added to the list of best cross platform game engines available.
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Corona Starts Development for Window Phone 8
November 10, 2014 admin

Corona Starts the Development for WP8 Apps And Games

It is good news for more than 300,000 developers as now corona has begun its support for Windows Phone and Windows 8 (Windows Store) apps in collaboration with Microsoft. Corona achieves this feat with the introduction of CoronaCards that provide flexibility for the developers to Develop corona apps for Windows Phone 8.

Corona Starts Development for Window Phone 8 Apps and Game

Corona Starts Development for Window Phone 8 Apps and Game

Corona and CoronaCards

Corona is a leading game engine based on Lua that helps developers create games for iOS and Android. This popular 2D mobile platform enables publishing of the apps to iOS, Android, Kindle and NOOK with a single code base. CoronaCardsa is a new version of this platform that provides support for Windows 8 and WP8 thus allowing users to use their existing code to build apps in the Windows platform too.

How it works?

Existing Corona developers will not find much difference from their previous experiences when developing for Windows platform. Developers can easily use the Corona Simulator to work on all Lua code and build it inside Visual Studio with the help of CoronaCards.
You can either build a native app or build it using a different framework and use Corona for porting. More than 1000 Corona APIs including the C++/ Open GL –accelerated graphics, audio, physics animation and many more allow developers to work on any configuration. Windows devices provide support for DirectX and thus you have many flexible options when developing your app.


All new purchases of Corona SDK Pro and Enterprise versions come with a WP8 license. Current users can get a free license with the same expiration date as that of their Pro or Enterprise license.

LicensingGetting started with CoronaCards

The following are the check list of requirements you need before you get on your developer shoes with CoronaCards.
A windows 8.1 device or a Windows 8.1 emulator
Visual Studio
A windows Phone
Corona is generous in documentation with the numerous guides, manuals and video tutorials that make developing with corona a piece of cake. Go through their homepage to get these manuals on how to install CoronaCards Visual Studio extension and start penning your app.
For porting an existing app , using CoronaCards template create a Visual Studio Project and then copy your Lua code into the Corona folder. An app with only supported APIs can get to working with these simple steps.
If your app needs in app purchases and similar functionalities you may have to write C# coding and link it back to the appropriate functions.


Corona provides excellent support to all your queries and doubts with its CoronaCards for WP8 forum created solely to serve this purpose. The forum is already up and lively with beta testers creating useful threads.
Though CoronaCards do not include the full functionality as in the original Corona version, it has enough APIs to get a decent app working perfectly fine. This is the first step Corona has taken towards a full support for Windows platform in the near future and Windows Store can be soon expected to teem with Lua/Corona based apps.
SP Technolab is the leading mobile apps development company known for producing awestruck mobile apps and games. Supported by equally competent mobile app developers, the company is known for providing finest quality applications.

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Why Corona Is Best Cross Platform For Game And App Development
October 27, 2014 admin

Corona is best cross platform to the successful development and deployment of your apps and game. For your app to be popular and lucrative, releasing it for a single platform is not really welcome now days. Cross platform SDKs offer some help in this section by allowing you to Develop Corona Cross Platform Apps.

Corona is such a commercial tool from Ansca Mobile that can be used to develop games, utilities or business apps with much ease for deployment in iOS and android platforms. Corona is probably the best cross platform tool available; read on to know what exactly makes it the most versatile SDK available.


Best Cross Platform For Game And App Development

Corona SDK- Completely Cross Platform Tools


Corona Is Best Cross Platform Easy to learn and use

Corona works on top of Lua programming language which is practically one of the easiest scripting available for developing games. Its syntax is similar to JavaScript or ActionScript 3 and is supported by a good deal of development community. It has loads of third party tools and responsive staffs making your corona experience a pleasure. It takes less than 5 hours to get familiar with the awesome features of Corona.

Rich Features  For Game And App Development

Corona has loads of features that will make it difficult to stop once you start developing with corona.

The quick and responsive simulator and code editor help you view each and every change without having to compile. Its feature rich components make monetization.

Adding images and music files can be done in a breeze and corona lets you create interactive apps.

Free analytics let you monitor the usage of your apps and this comes for free.

The cloud building feature and much more assistance in release of your app certainly makes corona the best.

Some of the winning characteristics of the corona are listed down.

  • Corona is universally crowned as the Best cross platform for gaming applications.
  • From animation to networking everything is made simpler and faster with the huge collection of API libraries.
  • Corona paves way for a standardized development as it built on industry standards like Facebook, SQLite, OpenAL, OpenGL.
  • Corona keeps on improving and lets users make use of patches and fixes via Daily Builds.
  • You can publish your apps from a single code base to major platforms like iOS, Android , Kindle Fire and NOOK . Support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are expected soon.
  • Support for in app purchases and ad networks lets you monetize and grow.
  • A brilliant community support and collaboration with peers gives you an excellent development environment.
  • Basic corona is available for free of cost.
  • It supports native application development where 100% of executable binaries are in Objective C/C++.
  • It provides an automatic Open GL –ES integration
  • Corona lets you build mobile apps 10 times faster than conventional methods.
  • Powerful performance is delivered by optimizing the hardware accelerated features.
  • Corona gives you access to device features like camera, accelerometer and many more.

With its easy to use and high performance features Corona is the best cross platform tool for starters and pros alike.

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5 Reasons why enterprises should invest on Android App Development
May 15, 2014 admin

Gone are the days when android applications were primarily meant for weather look-ups and playing angry birds. These lighter versions of the software have now become a vital part of enterprises. They have become the face of the enterprise for client communication, on the fly real time updates, collaboration. Android apps are also robust inventory management and communication tool. If you do not have a mobile strategy, and you are looking to implement one, go for android app development. Following are the reasons why you should invest on Android development.banner-21

Android: An ideal platform for enterprises

Android is built on JAVA. It has a rich set of libraries that promote the development of both: basic and the multifaceted app. Also, Android is an open source platform. As a result, development cost is relatively low as compared to other operating systems. The best part is there is a pool of android developers in India, serving global clients with quality android app development solutions.

Improved security

In 2012, Google rolled out major security fixes to the android platform. This move significantly improved the overall security of the platform. Now, it is one of the most secure platforms in the market. The platform has been bolstered with address space layout customization, which makes it extremely difficult for malware to locate data structure for executing codes. Though, free, it is absolutely secure and reliable. The OS periodically reminds users to decrypt their devices.

Ease of customization

Android app development offers ample scope for customization. Regardless of the nature and vertical of your business, android is capable of accommodating your requirement. You can get the applications designed as per your needs. You want the application as a communication tool, collaborative tool, for managing sales team or for getting real time updates; you can get the application developed as per your desires.

Distribution Mechanisms

Android applications can be promoted among the target audience via multiple channels. Businesses can connect with customers and employees in real time irrespective of their location. Android apps developed can also be marketed by enterprises as their product through various marketing channels.

Open to developers

Being open source, android developers are able to craft stunning applications at competitive prices. You are not entitled to pay any licensing or royalty fee. Since android has more than 80% percent of the market share, it makes more sense to invest on android development.

These are some compelling reasons why enterprises should prefer android as their app development platform. If you are looking cost-effective technology partners, you can easily hire android developers from India.

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Google Glass to Get a Major Overhaul: Android 4.4 Update Coming this Week
April 16, 2014 admin

Google Glass, the augmented reality phenomena from Google, is back with a bang. This time, Google decided to revamp the operating system from Glass XE to Android 4.4 Kitkat. So far, Google only managed to unleash the explorer version of the device. However, it decided to take concrete initiatives for making this wearable tech a global phenomenon.

The latest updatesgoogleglass

In the past, Google Glass received several updates but none better than this. The most modern update focuses on two major loopholes, battery life and reliable device performance that have been annoying beta testers. In addition, developers will find it easier to write codes using 4.4 SDK and new features from GDK. It will also benefit the lagging apps list for Google Glass.

The latest update doesn’t influence the interface; however, several features will breathe fresh air and simplify your augmented life. New features include photo bundles that comprise of daily photos, videos and other stuff. Users will also be able to reply in Google hangouts  with photos and organize the                                                             voice commands  by frequency.

Video calls dropped

Google decided to drop video calls which was available earlier. Google’s team said, “Video calls aren’t living up to the high standards that we demonstrate in other features of the Glass.” The team also mentioned that the lack of popularity of video calls fueled the idea of dropping video calls. But, they ensured that video calls will return with a better experience. In the meantime, users can benefit from alternatives for video streaming functionality, the Live stream app and the upcoming Glass expansion, the Hang w/app that will perform the same task.

Where is Google Glass heading?

The OS update move from Google is considered to be a vital step in bridging the gap between Google Glass, and consumers and developers. It is also a first major step after launching the explorer edition back in April 2013. Last week, Google announced that the Glass will be up for sale on Tuesday in the US, and released mirror API for developers to start building apps. The OS update and sale of consumer versions clearly indicate that Google Glass is heading towards discovering its market share in the wearable-tech market.

There is another prototype developed on the footprints of Google Glass that was showcased at CES 2014. The Smart Glass was showcased by Taiwanese ODM ChipSip. The device had impressive specs that easily left Google Glass behind in almost all departments. The device has a sharp HD screen, support for 1080p video capture with 1GB of RAM and runs on Android 4.2.

Though, the aforementioned breakthroughs in the wearable-tech landscape seem impressive, they seriously lack the ability to woo consumers. As consumers are more inclined towards buying cost-effective smartphones, it is difficult to influence them for wearable technology. In addition, lack of applications also hampers the growth of these technologies

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Factors that Determine Success of Video Streaming Apps
April 4, 2014 admin

Video streaming apps are growing at an unprecedented rate. So much so that, their popularity has started affecting channel subscriptions across the globe. The use of Wowza Media Server for streaming and delivering live videos on desktops, laptops and mobile devices widened the spectrum of app development. Moreover, these trends continue to bulge with Facebook integration that provides the opportunity to share rich media content on social networks.
There is immense potential in this space of the mobile application landscape. However, industry sincerely lacks quality applications. So, to make the most of this opportunity as investors, it is important to understand factors that determine the success of your applications.

Media Server

Server holds the key for developing high-performing video streaming apps. Ideally, a good server is unified that seamlessly brings video on demand to internet connected mobile devices. Quality media server eliminates latency that gives the user an uninterrupted entertainment at the fingertips. Regardless of the speed of the processor and efficiency of the software, server is responsible for continuous flow of data. It is also important that servers stream multiple types of playback clients and devices simultaneously. In addition, compatibility with all streaming protocols like RTMP, MPEG2, MPEG-TS, ICY, etc. One of the best examples of quality and comprehensive server is Wowza Media Server. It is a complete server with requisite capabilities that promote the development of quality video streaming apps.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is paramount to enable applications to leverage the power of social networks for winning users through marketing, communications and market research. Integrating social media platforms in video streaming apps tend to generate more referral traffic, due to sharing. According to an official post from Facebook, users connect to mobile apps with Facebook are likely to spend more time in the app. It is also noted that 70 percent revenue for some of the popular game apps is generated from Facebook users. Chances are also high that users may spend more for video streaming apps.

App Development

Development of the application lays down the foundation of the success of the application. It is essential to shake hands with technology veterans those are well-versed in app development using media servers and capable of social media integration. Development is also essential to target leading mobile platforms, and reaching users on a wide range of devices for providing uninterrupted media and entertainment at their fingertips. Considering the intense competition, development is a major factor that will enable the application to stand apart from the rest.

App Marketing

Marketing is the core of any business strategy. To ensure high returns on investments, marketing is crucial. Before the release of the application, a buzz must be created on different content publishing platforms in the form of blogs, articles, reviews, PR, etc. Also, the targeted audiences should be reached via social networks and other marketing platforms to announce the arrival of the application. This will help the app to better penetrate the market and attain runaway success.
These four factors determine the success of the video streaming app. In addition, there are app fundamentals to keep in mind are the ability to provide video on demand video to users without unnecessary delays, cover a wide range of channels and keep the prescription fees low.

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Reasons Why Android Development Will Boom in the Tech-future
March 20, 2014 admin

Day in and day out, android platform affirms its dominance in the market. Its success is largely driven by the rapidly growing app economy and popularity of smartphones. Android development is also highly regarded as a sure-fire method for app investors to generate maximum ROI.

Its open source nature backed with cost-effective android development in India, strategically benefits investors and users of applications. In addition, more than a billion android devices and almost 1.5 million daily activations, it won’t be a far-fetched cry if I say, ‘android will rule the smartphone market, and investors will generate revenue beyond expectation by hiring android developers for app development.’ Following are the reasons why android development will govern the mobile industry.

Smartphone market share
According to the recent industry stats, android’s share in the smartphone market is almost 81.5 percent. In 2013, more than 48 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play. Also, weekly 1 billion apps are expected to be downloaded. These numbers clearly justify android’s supremacy in the market. It is a clear winner; beating other operating system with a huge margin. Analysts believe that consistent OS updates and security fixtures are wooing smartphone users to prefer android.

Android app development revenue
Android defines mobile computing that is transforming more revenue. Developers and investors are making a lot of money via advertising, mobile commerce and other related fees. In 2013, mobile apps generated $25 billion in revenue, and it is expected to reach a whopping $46 billion by 2016. Reports paint a clear picture of how android app development can be transformed into a cash cow by boosting monetization. This data gauges the size of the opportunity in android land.

Options to target different market segments
As an investor, your application’s reach is not limited to a specific market. You can target different segments of the market. The ease of customization and room for developing apps with desired features makes android a platform of choice for potential customers. It also improves chances of apps success as android smartphones are found in every nook and cranny of the market. This option works best for investors looking to make money from mobile apps. You can also target specific vertical by investing on developing sophisticated apps.

Android preferred choice in emerging economies
The main reason for Android’s fame is emerging economies across the globe. Android is stronger in the developing world than it is in the developed world. Countries like China, India and Brazil have fueled the fire of Android’s success. In China alone, there are more than 270 million android users, and India and Brazil are also standing close to these numbers. This fact indicates that if you target developing countries, your app ideas can be transformed from rags to riches; thus, generating huge revenue. Of course, this is possible by hiring android developers those are well versed with android SDK.

These are some of the primary reasons why android development will boom in the tech-future. If you have an app idea, you can hire android developers for developing innovative apps to attract the target audience. Also, if budget constraints are restricting your initiatives, go for android development in India.

 As android development is growing, you can reduce the gap between your customers by developing mobile apps to boost sales. Android platform grants businesses with numerous advantages, and developing excellent apps offer a great experience to users. So, join the bandwagon and harness the benefits of android development.

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Google to Bolster Future Android Versions with ‘Performance Boosting Thing’
March 14, 2014 admin

Google’s Android OS is an undisputed leader of the smartphone market. At present, Android enjoys the largest bite of the smartphone market pie with 80% global share. To further enhance its supremacy, Google always encourage feedbacks and opinions from Android users. From bug reports to feature enhancement, OS offerings to performance, millions of Android fans sincerely contribute their understanding about the OS.

Recently, one of the Android fans expressed his distress over the performance of the platform. Though, concerns raised on issue tracker are least interesting, this time we decided to highlight a major concern that became a global attraction, and also gave birth to a new term ‘Performance Boosting Thing.’
What was the annoying concern that made this fan express his thoughts, and triggered Google’s thought process to include this in the priority list for the upcoming versions. Here is the suggestion of the fan:

“my feature request is about performance.i have used many of the android versioned mobile phone and tabs. in all that i noticed about the performance factor.can u guyz add some performace boosting thing on the next version or any update to existing. i want to open 10+ apps, active few ones and mostly inactive.when 5+ apps of size about 2gb its starts hanging or slowing down the running speed.can u make some redesign or something that will increase the performance using lesser ram use. my request feature is about ram consumption. please make it in the update so the phone can produce much fast perfomance.”

The quoted content is a suggestion from a less technical, but a huge fan of Google who loves the platform and want it to perform better. This Android fan also coined an important term ‘Performance Booster Thing.’
The concern raised in the aforementioned quoted content is true, and Google is considering this request as a launch pad for the upcoming Android version that will perform the way users wants it to without any crash, sluggishness and other problems limiting Android’s performance.

In the past, Google has been prompt to address such concerns. Google strengthened Jelly Bean with project butter and KitKat with project Svelte. In this case, Google has already started working on the ‘Performance Boosting Thing’. It has already noted this suggestion and tagged the issue as a medium priority concern for future Android releases.

The time is also right for Google to offer value to its loyal customers by rewarding them with optimized OS that can accommodate their needs. To conclude, I would thank the poster who has expressed his understanding that may make a huge difference in the overall performance of the upcoming Android versions.

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Three Ways to Transform Your Mobile Apps into a Cash Cow
February 25, 2014 admin

In 2013, 102 billion apps were downloaded, generating a whooping $26 billion. More than 80 percent of the revenue was generated from free apps through various app monetization strategies. These facts clearly indicate that mobile app development is no more fun; it has gone mainstream as a sure fire method to make millions overnight. However, to attain glory on the intensely populated landscape of mobile applications, it is important to get mobile applications developed from professionals, and identify monetization tactics that will win you your desired market share. So, consider these three strategies to have a greater chance of making more revenue from iPhone and android app development.

In-app purchases
This monetization model possesses the capability of sincerely generating millions. In-app purchase is accountable for almost 76 percent of all revenue in the App Store in the US, and nearly 90 percent in the Asian markets. It allows users to purchase coins to unlock features or more of something while playing games. In January 2014, six out of the ten most popular games were free – they were able to exploit in-app purchases so effectively that they managed to drive millions of dollars in sales, even though the app was free.
iPhone / iPad app development provides the Newsstand functionality that allows you to set up this model that will automatically charge every month. However, before planning to rack up millions in revenue from this model, you must have a killer app idea to justify your investment.

One-time paid apps
If your app concept is innovative and provides value to users, then one-time paid apps method will work best for you. In this model, users pay once to download the app and expect updates and features to be free. It only generates one-time revenue from each customer. In order to continuously earn profit from your app, you need to reach wider audience across the globe.
Before formulating the strategy, it is critical to determine whether your app should be paid one or not. Most paid apps offer the coolest features and functionality in the first download. This is followed by minor graphics, design and usability enhancements. Most utility apps fall under this monetization category.
Free apps with advertising
This monetization method requires the user to pay to use. If your application offers the mileage to glue users for more than 10 minutes, this model can severely impact the revenue generated from your mobile apps. Many apps prefer this model of monetization. Every time the app is used, non-intrusive ads run in the application, which becomes the source of income. However, you can only make big money from this method if your app has a large user-base. So, go for this model if your app invites prolonged usage frequently.

These are the sure fire methods to transform your mobile applications into a cash cow. However, to even think of generating considerable amount of app revenue from iOS and android app development, you must discuss your app ideas with experts. Unless you have a unique concept and a robust development strategy, your app will go unnoticed. Your app can only reach heights of success if you offer users a usable app or better that exploits the smart-phone specific features such as voice-calling or accelerometer and quality content. This will hook users on to your app.
Also, as an investor, it is critical to evaluate the quality of your idea and pros and cons of the above mentioned monetization methods to generate high return on investments. So, if you are thinking to reap benefits of the billion dollars app industry, set aside your passive intents and get ready to make millions from mobile application development.

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We are a Complete Mobile Consulting and Web Development Company
February 24, 2014 admin

We are a team of technology veterans with expertise in mobile application development, Corona 2D games development and web development. We are driven by innovation and motivated by challenging projects and solutions that exceed client expectations.

We are committed to deliver top-notch software solutions that attract maximum attention. This approach benefits our clients by increasing web traffic, building strong brands, and increasing exposure in the global market by creating a loyal customer base

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Android Applications Development
February 21, 2014 admin

Android has overtaken iPhone and Android application development market is growing at a rapid pace. If you are looking for outstanding apps for yourself or your clients, then come to us.We will deliver them in a cost-effective manner so that you’re your apps fetch more return on investment then you has previously imagined.

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Corona Game Development
February 21, 2014 admin

Corona game development platform has caught the attention of the mobile apps developers, around the world. This platform allows developers to create mobile applications.Corona is a leading 2D app development platform. It promotes convenience of developing high-quality and engaging apps for multiple mobile platforms.

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Corona 2D Gaming workshop @ Nirma University
January 31, 2014 admin

S.P. Technolab is conducting a workshop on 2D Gaming for technical students on one of the most succesful 2D gaming technology “CORONA” and create more oppurtunities in the 2D gaming field.

We would be conducting one day workshop at Nirma University on the 1st day of the NU-Tech 2014 ie. on 14th Feb.,2014 organised by Nirma University.

The motive of the workshop will be to impart practical knowledge of gaming to the participants. It is a great opportunity for fresh graduates to expand their insights and get the exposure on the gaming technology by attending the workshop and adding value to their profile with the participation certificate.

For registration, please contact Pramit Shah on +91-9714710150.

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Android 4.4 KitKat Released – Did You Grab Your Sweet Treat?
November 22, 2013 admin

android kitkat 4.4 developer india

Grab yourself a sweet delight from Android – KitKat – by having your app idea developed on the recently released version. Read on for the key highlights for Android app development using 4.4 KitKat.

It’s no Silicon Valley secret that Android has a record of naming its OS iteration with sweet delicacies. Finally, the much talked and rumoured about Jelly Bean successor is officially out, bearing the name of one of the world’s most popular chocolates, KitKat. So, rumour dispelled. It’s not key lime pie.

On Halloween this year, Android gave a BIG treat to the tech world – 4.4 KitKat. Who says Halloween candies are only for kids, huh?

Within a short duration since its release, the latest upgrade currently supports a massive number of smartphones and tablets. This has spurred the demand for Android app development powered by 4.4 KitKat.

If you are planning to build your app idea on Android, we bring you top three features of 4.4 KitKat that you should consider leveraging on:

1. Quickoffice: It is an app that is baked in Android 4.4. If yours is a business utility app, be sure to benefit from its swift and effective capabilities.

2. Bluetooth MAP Support: Discuss it with your Android developer to bank on this functionality for Bluetooth enabled cars. Personalized suggestions along the development process is a benefit you get when you hire android developer.

3. In-build Pedometer: Put on your creative cap and tap into this capability of counting each step the device user takes. You can use it to make your lifestyle app or education app even more interesting and interactive.

Satiate your sweet craving for developing upon your unique application idea with Android 4.4 KitKat.

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Unity 4.3 – What’s in for Game Lovers?
November 15, 2013 admin

Unity 3D game development has had immense acceptance because of the game engine’s capabilities to add the ‘magical touch’ to any game concept. So, what more does Unity 4.3 offer?

Hurray!! Unity 3D gets a whole new raft of game development features with the latest release – Unity 4.3. One feature update that grabs all the limelight is…. drumroll please…. the much-awaited 2D toolset. In the latest upgrade game developers will find a dedicated 2D workflow that allows you to make fantastic physic-based games with jaw-dropping ease.

unity-3d-game-development-engineDevelop ones, publish everywhere is the charm of Unity 3D which makes it a highly preferred game engine. The latest release extends support to all major desktop, tablet and smartphone’s operating system. Here’s the extensive list of frameworks Unity 3D supports – iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry 10, OS X, Linux, Flash, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows Phone 8, and Wii U. And yes, it supports web browser-based games too.

To put it the other way, Unity 4.3 games can be deployed wherever game lovers look for their entertainment. If you are planning to mint money with your nifty game idea, well, this might just be the framework to choose as it will give your game visibility and up your chances of downloads.

What’s more? Now you can develop 2D games on Unity much, much faster. Integration of the 2D animation window makes its quick and easy to iterate your game as many times as needed until it looks and plays just the way you had imagined it to. This helps save on time and costs that comes with an extended game development process.

Of course, there is no substitute to a professional Unity game development service. The commercial success of your game heavily depends on the way it plays.

There is much more to Unity 4.3. Discover it Here.

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SP Technolab Android Capabilities
October 28, 2013 admin


Android Developer team Size: 5 (2 senior and 2 Mid-level experience and 1 Junior).

Testing device and tools:
Galaxy Nexus, Samsung S2, Eclipse Emulator

Technical Skillset:
Live streaming capability, Utility Application Development, Google Maps, Open GL, Enterprise Mobility, Web services, JSON, Parsing, XML , Data connectivity, Chatting Module

Functional Skillset:
Mobile Banking, Travel & Hotels, Coupon & Voucher, Sports, Location Based, Events, Media & Publishing, Entertainment, Health Care, Field Automation & Business Intelligence, Video & Image Editor, Classifieds, Enterprises, Retail.

OpenGL, Libc, Webkit, Media Framework

Development Framework:

Cross platform framework for Android application development:
Corona for 2D gaming, Unity for 3D gaming, Phonegap with HTML5 to display webview

Recent Android Project:
Live video streaming using wowza media server(Android to web, Android to android and Android to iOS), School Interactive(display student activity reports to parents), Schedule Central(notify user to send message via email and facebook), Envirohub( Environment based android application ported with phonegap platform)Security management application, Diet application

Android areas we have started building our capabilities:
Augmented Reality ,Google Glass , 3d gaming

PMS(Project management system):

SVN(Subversion for Android):
We use SVN as Subversion(SVN) is independent of project type, SVN keeps all versions of the code

It will be our pleasure if you just have a glance to link below to refer our achievements.

We are ready start contract on fixed project or dedicated project basis as per your requirement.For Dedicated developers on project basis kindly refer the link below:

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Munching on Android 4.4 KitKat
October 10, 2013 admin

It’s confirmed that the next to join the brigade of Android’s dessert wagon is ‘KitKat’. You can have your Android app developer to build your dream app on Android 4.4 as early as October end.

Yet another sweet new treat from Android is here – KitKat (yes, Google has confirmed this name so snack on the rumors of Key Lime Pie as the dessert-related name with a ‘k’ in the series of Android versions). Like most companies in the Silicon Valley have unusual source of inspiration, for naming Android 4.4 ‘KitKat’ the inspiration was chocolate bars in a Google refrigerator.

Wait. Take a break. Walk up to your refrigerator. Maybe you find some inspiration for your next Android app development idea, or at least something to munch on. Grab it anyway.


On a serious note, if your head is buzzing with a phenomenal app idea that you think can help people make their chaotic life somewhat better; you might want to consider looking for an Android app developer on hire-resource bases and who can leverage on Android 4.4 ones it is out.

Why choose Android to fuel your app idea?

Because the latest version, Android 4.4 KitKat is power-packed with great features that deliver a brilliant app experience and up the chances of app downloads. By the way, rumors have it that you will have to wait till October 14 for the launch of Android KitKat. Or maybe October 30. The official announcement about the release date isn’t out yet.

One of the (rumored) updates that have caught the interest of Android app developers about the crunchy, chocolaty treat from Android is enhanced optimization for cross-devise user-experience.

Even if Android app development is optimized for smartphones, users with limited functionality devices had to make do with some glitches because of the fragmented user-base. KitKat might be optimized to resolve this problem, to an extent.

KitKat is an update in the fourth iteration and not an upgrade to Android 5. While you may not find many radical changes to the OS this time around, you can expect performance improvements and bug fixing that ease out the creases in app development and over all user-experience.

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Profit from the Mobile Gaming Revolution by Making these 3 Right Choices
August 6, 2013 admin

3d-animations-companyTraditional console gaming is shrinking. So what’s replacing them? Mobile games! All you need is to make right choice for mobile game developer along with some basics.

Current mobile gaming revolution gives phenomenal opportunities. The mobile gaming segment is buzzing with creative games that entertain people from all walks of life and of all ages. Even amid hundreds and thousands of existing games, there is a strong demand for more games that can engage gamers.

You can tap this trend, if you learn the right tricks to do so.  Here’s how you can make gaming profitable for you simply by making few right choices.

Right Game Platform: The cliché ‘Develop once, publish everywhere’ holds true for Cocos2D game platform. This way you cut cost of development significantly and launch your game without much wait. Cocos2D is a power-packed game development framework that allows for exceptionally flawless rendering of game graphics and game controls. This is just one of the many cutting edge game platforms. You can know much more about it if you engage the….

Right Mobile Game Developer: Great concepts stage success only when they are executed with perfection, and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t stop by an average developer. Mobile game development companies particularly in India, is a good place to start searching for one. Do your research, shortlist a few companies and give them a call. You might find one that provides quality and comfortably fits your budget.

Right Game Testing Regime: Your game takes a number of pieces put together right – coding, graphics, animation, third party integration and social integration to name a few. Have the game tested from multiple scenarios so that your gamers don’t lose interest and slip away. You shouldn’t miss out on this one, but you don’t need to worry about it if you have the right mobile game developer on board with you.

Tickle the kid in you and others by building a game based on your creative ideas that engages attention and refreshes minds. And yes, along the way (if you get the basics right) you have a good chance to make some fame and fortune for yourself.

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Cocos 2D: Framework that Intensifies 2D Gaming Experience
August 2, 2013 admin

222235Mobile industry has also brought revolution as far as bestowing gaming experience is concerned. Thanks to novel open source framework that has brought revolution in mobile game development India with reduced game app development time and efforts and intensified user experience.

Cocos 2D is an open source framework that uses Objective –C language.  It is particularly designed to develop game for iOS devices including desktop and laptop. iPhone games are now developed using Cocos 2D. Cocos2D game platform has brought comfort to developers as well as to end users. Easy to use framework APIs makes development very easily job. It is the platform that keeps gamers engrossed merely to no end.

Coming to the Cocos 2D framework, it is mainly divided in three elements – Scene, Layer and Sprites. Scene contains libraries used to form playable part of any game. It is used to present title page, high score list, game over, etc. Layer is the area where one plays the game. Developer can create multiple layers to compose single scene. It can be like one layer designed to form background and another can be one where the actual action in the game takes place. Sprites are objects used to give value to character and strength to overall game. Every character used in the game will amplify user experience. It would be like one scene can contain multiple layer and one layer can contain several sprites. It gives similar feature like Adobe Photoshop where upper layer may hide the lower layer with higher z-value. Developer can change z-value and rearrange the layers and sprites to give better gaming experience. A game can have multiple scenes; however, only single scene can be activated at single point of time. There is one director which handles the activation of the scene. The entire framework is inherited from a boss known as CCNode.cocos3dx

Apart from this, Cocos 2D game platform is flexible enough to integrate with 3rd Party libraries. It is widely accepted for its fantastic effects, actions, texture support, scene management, sprite sheets, integrated physics engine (Box 2D, Chipmunk), Open GL point recognition, sensor and touch support.

Cocos is undoubtedly great and powerful game engine for two-dimension games. However, it is recommended to check out the proficiency of developer with objective-C while you hire mobile game developer. Perhaps, this is the demand of Cocos architecture.

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3 Most Common Mobile App Security Fallouts for Business-Critical Apps
July 26, 2013 admin

blog1Business apps add agility to work processes & enrich co-ordination. However, low data security measures while mobile app development can erode its benefits. Read on to learn how you can avoid this.

So at the meeting on ‘enhancing workforce productivity’, you figured out that having a mobile app for project management purpose will help you get things done faster, make co-ordination amongst dissipate teams easier and – most importantly – help you serve clients with agility.

Great. This is what most corporate have been doing to pump up productivity and stay in the know of multiple projects being executed simultaneously.

But here’s the catch: Your mobile app development company should code the app such that the business-critical data remains totally protected. For this you should make sure that before you get down to developing the app, make sure you tighten these three security loopholes.

1. Unsecured Data Transmit: As your application is required to transmit data, make sure you use transit encryption SSL/TLS in the form of HTTPS. This way even if your team members use un-secured public WiFi to access the application, critical information such as username, password, and important data is transmitted securely. While this may sound obvious, it is often overlooked either due to time crunch or sheer ignorance.

2. Data Stored on the User’s Device is Left to Luck: When the device gets infected by malware or virus, the app data is affected. To avoid such a situation, ask your mobile app developer to use encryption or similar feature that mobile platforms provide to keep sensitive data safe.

3. Skipping the Non-Discloser Agreement: Never ever do this. In this day and age when ideas are as marketable as products and services ensure to protect your intellectual property rights. When you sign a non-discloser agreement with your mobile app development company, the app source code and graphics remain as your proprietary – exclusive to your project.

 Stay involved with the app security at each phase of the development process. Engage reputable mobile application company with a proven record of developing enterprise application and follow stringent data security practices.

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What makes Phonegap Game development very much in demand?
July 2, 2013 admin

You will be shocked when you hear about a free open source framework that allows you to develop mobile game development in similar way as you were deploying web applications. Yes, the beauty of Phonegap lies in its simplicity offered to the developers to develop game apps with HTML, CSS and javaScript.

Phonegap architecture allows end user to deploy singe game application on multiple platforms. This means no matter whatever may be your platform, you can enjoy gaming experience in your Smartphone, tablets or computers.

Phonegap eliminate those gaps that what application offers when developed in standard HTML and the application developed in native code of particular device. JavaScript API wraps HTML and JavaScript into native shell allow to access specific hardware of the device. Such features make Phonegap apps easily acceptable to each platform’s app store. Phonegap architecture is based on 100% web standards and backed with large stakeholders like Apple, Microsoft, Google, BlackBerry, Intel and more. As a fantastic extension to its current features, Phonegap Build allows to package mobile apps in the cloud for multiple platforms.


Phonegap is extensible framework allows app to access following properties with built-in APIs:

• Access to various device components like camera, compass, Accelerometer, Contacts etc,
• Allow access to local storage
• Offers Interoperability with other phone applications
• Zero latency feedback
• Support Plug-ins exposing mechanism to develop application with native features that are not really exposed in Phonegap API.

The Phonegap game development gives exposure to larger audience with seamless deployment of apps across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc. You can get maximum ROI with Phonegap Game development where customized game apps can be used for brand your business. Great feature based application supporting versatile platforms will definitely improve your sales eventually give identity to your business.

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Corona Game Offers
July 1, 2013 admin


1 Resource:1 Developer with 2+ year of experience.

Corona skillset: User Interface, Objective-C, Media Layer, Graphics & animation ,Core Service Layer, Networking, Internet and security, Xcode, Internationalization.Functional Skillset with Corona Cross Platform: Physics game,Puzzle Game,Educational Game,Business apps,Hybrid apps

Corona Game Portfolio link:


  • Hire Dedicated Corona Game Developer
  • Senior developer @ 15 USD per hour On Your Project
  • (Min Contract Size 1 Month With 160 hours)


Want to hire multiple resources in Corona, contact us at:

S.P.Technolab Pvt Ltd,

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Unity 3D Game Development Engine Extends Support for Xbox One, Windows Store & More
July 1, 2013 admin


Unity pioneered democratizing game development & now it offers support for Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem & for building apps for Windows Store. With this, Unity 3D game development expands its horizon.

Secret to developing an awe-inspiring game is the technology that powers it. Rich features, spectacular graphic designing and next-to-real animation is possible only when your game is developed on a robust game engine like Unity.

Recently Unity 3D, one of the most advanced cross-platform game development tool, announced to extend platform support to applications and games built for Xbox One, Windows Phone 8 and the Windows Store. In this strategic collaboration with Microsoft, Unity Pro will be available to the developers for free, until the games are published for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Which means Windows developer can leverage the Unity Pro version without paying hundreds of dollars to get the add-ons and advance functionalities. Extending platform support from android and iOS to Windows is sure to take Unity 3D game development a notch higher.

As Unity extends commitment to Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem at a considerable cost-cut, this will encourage developers and even gamers to build their game ideas for Windows Store. Unity 3D added the Windows Phone support some time back, however in the recent Microsoft’s Build 2013 conference it was made official to provide free support for Windows games.3076673153_zDvX7NVA_20100604101610_76d2348e

Any kind of Unity authored content, may it be entertaining games or educating demo tutorials can be published on Windows Store and enjoyed on Xbox One and Windows Phone 8. If you are planning to build your game concept for Windows, benefit from this offer and start your search to hire Unity 3D developer now! who can help you build a stunning game.

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Android Offers
June 27, 2013 admin


Resource: 1 developer with 2+ year of experience.

Android Skillset: UI Development, Utility Application Development, Google Maps, Open GL, Enterprise Mobility, Web services, JSON, XML , Data connectivity.

Functional Skillset with Android Platform: Live Streaming, Augmented Reality, Security App, M-commerce, Sales Force Automation, Home Appliances Automation, Mobile Banking, Location Based app service integration, Television & Entertainment, Field Automation & Business Intelligence, Video & Image Editor, Enterprises Solutions, Java script 3D library implementation and development.

  •  Resource 1 developer for complete project cycle.
  •   Hire @ 15 USD per hour On Your Project
  •    (Min Contract Size 1 Month With 160 hours)


For hiring multiple resources please get in touch with us.


For further Information & company portfolio, Kindly contact as below
S.P.Technolab Pvt Ltd,

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Mobile Gaming Tools and Platforms at a Glance
March 20, 2013 admin

New developers who want to make careers in game development industry should go through books like “Beginning Android Games” and “Beginning iOS Game Development’ available on Amazon. Though knowledge of Java and C++ is necessary for Android; it doesn’t mean that a developer without knowledge of these languages cannot write a gaming app. There are various types of tools, platforms and gaming engines available; the point is selecting the right one according to the skill sets and type of mobile game that is being developed.

ANDEngine, LibGDX, Game Maker and Unity are some of the tools and engines that are widely used in the game development fraternity around the world. ANDEngine and LibGDX are of open source nature, while Unity and Gamemaker cost a few thousand bucks. AndEngine is limited to Android, while LinGDX is a bit more complex but can be used for cross platform app development. Though Game Maker and Unity are also about cross platform nature and require less programming; they limit the capability of developers to fine tune gaming features according to end user requirement. Game Maker is good for 2D gaming; Unity is used both for 2D and 3D mobile game development.

Cocos 2D-x, Marmalade and Battery Tech SDK are some other tools that are used widely and help game developers to develop and launch their games. However enhancing the end user experience requires embedding of social layers; the benefits are, increase the client base, gamer retention and increase in revenues. The social platforms allow developers to impregnate their games with features like global Leaderboards, achievement and player-to-player communication. Scoreloop, Papaya and Swarm some platforms that offer free software development kits and services that make the games more social, which is necessary for their success, keeping in mind the importance of the social media in the modern day web world.

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Cashing in on the Mobile Games Revolution
March 20, 2013 admin

China has eclipsed USA, as the largest user of the Smartphones and other countries like Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, India, Mexico and Vietnam are close on the heels. It will not be wrong to say that in coming years, Smartphones will play a crucial role in the global economy. With mobile games shaping into a major industry, there are huge opportunities for the software creators, game developers and other skilled professionals.

Smartphone technology is undergoing rapid evolution. Customers have in their hands sophisticated devices that empower them to shop, communicate, manage business & transaction, entertain and network, while on the move. Of all these segments mobile gaming offers gaming companies opportunities galore to mint quick money.

Mobile commerce is one segment that will spruce growth of the gaming industry. The integration of Near Field Technology (NFC) in the global mobile commerce infrastructure makes it more convenient to make secure transactions across the globe. The result is an unlimited market for mobile gamingompanies.

The huge potential of the gaming market has created different business models; the major ones are on-device gaming, gaming systems and contracting. The on-gaming device category can be further divided into following categories:

  • Free-With- Ads model – Here the advertisers give away games for free but earn the revenues through advertisement banner displayed in the games.
  • Freemium and Payium models – The inbuilt apps in the handsets like Android or iPhone come at a price; but also benefit the end users as it gives them the opportunity to choose their preferred gaming level and the amount of money they can spend.
  • Traditional Paid Model – The revenue is generated when the consumers buy the software. Of all the models in generally seen this model generates more revenues for the mobile gaming companies around the world.

Mobile game companies also offer subscription- based monetization. The idea is to offer a regular service or virtual goods in return for their subscription of the games. With different marketing models at their disposal is easy for the gaming companies to cash in on the mobile games revolution.

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Smartphone Technology: The Key Driver of the Mobile Game Industry
March 18, 2013 admin

The mobile game market is booming and according to one study it is estimated that it will become $18.3 billion industry by 2016. Though there are many factors behind the fast growth of this industry; mobile device technology remains the key driver of this industry.

Research In Motion (RIM) kicked off with its Blackberry device, to be overtaken by Apple’s iPhone. Now Google is giving Apple a run for its money with its Android Platform. Both of them have locked horns with each other in their attempt to get a larger share of the mobile gaming pie. The fierce competition between the giants has created futuristic mobile devices that place the web world in the palms. In short people have in their hands the perfect devices that give them access to the amazing world of mobile applications, including games. The faster microprocessors touch screen features, and superior pixel densities compared to desktops have shifted the game play from the desktop to the Smartphone.

The present day flagship Smartphones like; Android’s Nexus, Apple’s iPhone’s 5 and Window’s 8X model are trend setting mobile devices that are setting the benchmarks, as of now in the mobile device manufacturing industry. With screens sizes in the 4-to-5- inch range and the size comfortable enough be slipped into the pocket; the size of the Smartphone across different brands has standardized to a great extent.

However the internal circuits, microprocessor and batteries and some areas where there improvements will occur regularly because the major players in the market will always on their toes to enhance their device performance, to entice a larger customer base. With mobile games getting more interactive and loaded with more features, longer battery life is necessary so that users enjoy longer gaming hours without having to frequently recharge their devices. This one area, which mobile device companies are focusing their attention on; with the aim to extend battery life to seven days or even more and that seems quite a possibility in near future.

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Mobile Game – The Future of Gaming
March 18, 2013 admin

The video games gave way to the console or PC games; but the emergence of the Smartphones has completely changed the gaming scenario. Smartphones with Android and iPhone operating systems have contributed significantly to rise in popularity of mobile games across the globe. The future is bright for the mobile game industry.

The internet has shrunk the world and Smartphones have liberated people from their desktops and made it easy for them to stay connected with the web world, round-the-clock. They can entertain themselves, even when they are on the move, like travelling in Bus or Train thanks to a new gaming concept- online Massive Multiplayer gaming, which allows the gamer to engage an opponent of choice – anywhere, anytime, across the globe.

Presently many advertising companies are using the mobile gaming platform as an advertising platform because it provides a way to directly reach out to the vast Internet based consumers for an effective marketing outcome. Companies invest in mobile games to convey their ideas or concept, project brand and promote business. The movie companies nowadays use mobile gaming concept to promote their films and even cash on the success of the Box-office hit. Games are developed based on the characters and the story of the film to target the right customers. According to Mediabrix, by 2015 there will be 158.9 million mobile gamers across the globe and they offer bright opportunities for the gaming companies.

The leading Smartphone manufacturers and chip makers are collaborating on ways to enhance performance of the mobile devices. With 3D gaming round the corner; gamers are looking forward to 3D mobile games because they will complete change the way people play the games on their mobile devices. People will witness the real world game scenario that will take them past all the limitations of the available resources. 3D gaming will be a reality soon and hence it won’t be wrong to say that mobile games are the future of the gaming industry.

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Mobile Game Development – Combining Technology with Effective Marketing Tactics
March 18, 2013 admin

The accelerating shift of consumers from desktop PC and Laptops to Smartphones has stirred a fierce competition amongst mobile gaming companies. With estimated 1.1 billion Smartphone users across the globe, mobile game development companies realize the huge business potential that needs to be tapped properly.

With major mobile games companies trying their best to bite deeper in the mobile gaming pie and new entrants, close on their heels, the completion is really heating up.

Recently, Electronic Arts announced the release of “Real Racing 3”, a free social mobile game with the purpose to have this game on every Smartphone and tablet in the world. With people happily spending bucks on their mobile games there is no doubt that mobile game development companies are poised to make huge profits in coming years.

The mobile gaming technology has leapfrogged; game makers have successfully embedded richer graphics and game mechanics in the game play. This is being well complimented by a faster computing power of Smartphones and Interactive Servers to make mobile gaming a serious business. The industry is maturing at a rapid pace and in the process has sounded the death knell for the console games, which are witnessing the steady erosion in their client base.

Gaming companies are coming up with smart marketing concepts to sell their games. Electronic Arts caused quite a stir in the gaming world by offering “Real racing 3” game, free to download. The players can go through all levels of the game without paying; however it takes time to earn points for upgrades. While there is an option to pay and speed up through different levels for quicker and better user experience.

Combining technology with new marketing tactics is greatly helping the cause of mobile development companies to successfully push their games to all the nooks and corners of the gaming world.

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Richer and Faster Mobile games for a Real-time Online Gaming Experience
March 14, 2013 admin

In the recently concluded Mobile Word Congress, the leading chip maker, Intel unveiled a new dual-core processor platform (codenamed Clover Trail+) for Smartphones. This news is music to the ears of game developers because it will open the doors to global LTE connectivity; in short will support higher bandwidth mobile connectivity. This will allow faster data transfer of richer mobile games and lift the end-user experience to a new level.

With mobile game development companies focused on improving the user experience, the announcement by Intel that will start shipping its new processor platform in the first half of 2013 has excited mobile game developers. It will be easier to run games that have features like HD video and rich 3D graphics.

Though 3G offers the above features to a lesser extent, the gamers are wary of using up their paid minutes. In short it limits the gaming market for a few users, who are willing to spend heavily to have an enriching gaming experience on their 3G enabled mobiles. However with the new Intel processor in the Smartphones and Android tablets it will be a different story. Mobile devices will support richer and faster video streaming along with 3D visual to ensure a real life gaming experience without any extra cost.

The multiplayer online gaming companies will benefit the most because the faster transfer of the data across the mobile devices will empower multiple gamers to enjoy long sessions of real time gaming. With mobile gaming industry experts projecting heavy growth in this segment of the industry; this announcement will undoubtedly boost the prospects of the mobile games development companies.

Android Tablet manufacturers also have reason to smile because; Intel announced its first quad-core Atom processor, named, Bay Trail for Window and Android Tablets by Christmas, this year. It will empower Tablets to make optimum use of their wider screens and richer display features to exhibit powerful, real life 3D effects on their screens for an immersive gaming experience.

With Intel committed to investing in the mobile market and getting support from the major device manufacturers, the future is bright for the mobile game development companies.

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Mobile Game Industry at a Glance
March 14, 2013 admin

The Mobile game industry is one of the fastest growing industry verticals. It has registered a phenomenal growth ever since the launch of Apple App Store in 2008. With Android now steaming ahead of the iPhone, the competition is heating up and driving the industry ahead, even when the recession has hit the majority of the industry verticals. People across the globe are spending on Smartphones and other handheld devices; the demand for mobile apps has shot up. Now millions of apps are available on the iPhone’s Apps Store and Google’s Android Market combined; but the appetite for the new gaming applications keeps on increasing with each passing day.

According to reports of Business Insights the social gaming market is expected to touch the $ 4 Billion mark by 2015, with US is leading the way. But the projection for the Multiplayer online gaming is expected to be a whopping $ 14 Billion by 2015. Mobile games have replaced the console gaming and with the advent of Interactive Server technology and faster Smartphones, the future belongs to multiplayer online gaming.

The Social media are a boon to the gaming industry. The recommended mobile games social media circuit creates a viral effect, to the delight of the game development companies because the word-to-mouth advertising on the networking sites does not require spending millions of dollars on marketing; whilst the sales continue to boom.

By now China having eclipsed USA in the manufacture and ownership of Smartphones and other handheld devices the mobile game industry will get the thrust that will lift it to new heights in the near future. With Samsung focused on the Indian market and launching special Android Smartphones for the Indian consumers, the online gaming industry in the Indian subcontinent will leapfrog ahead and play a significant role in the growth of the global mobile gaming industry.

Looking ahead, the 3D gaming will become increasingly popular and the convergence of Television, media and Internet will fuel the growth of the industry because people will be more inclined towards online networking and gaming rather spend their time on TV channels. So in a year from now, maybe we will see people logging on to their favorite online games rather than watch a TV serial. This is the age of interactive entertainment and mobile gaming is certainly showing the way.

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Investing Time, Money and Efforts in the Professional Android Training Center
March 13, 2013 admin


Android OS Android OS is the contribution of Google led consortium; this versatile operating system is used by increasing numbers of Major mobile manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, etc. There is a steady increase in or demand of various types Android applications, from gaming to e-learning. However there is a lack of sufficient numbers of skilled Android developers, speaking in the context of the explosive growth of the Android application development industry around the globe.

India offers a great potential for Android apps industry because there is easy availability of young talent that can contribute both ways to the Android cause; provide the development skills and the consumer market. Creating an application that runs on Android OS requires good understanding of Java and C/ C++ programming languages.

At our Android Training center, Ahmedabad we introduce students to the functionalities of the Android OS and how this mobile development platform can be used in an optimum manner to create an array of mobile applications. The students learn about Android SDK, which also includes the use of Android Eclipse- based development tools. The students understand how to visualize screen flow and navigation features, create and upload Android applications in the Android App market. They acquire the programming finesse needed to make optimum use of various Android background services like accelerometers, rich graphic libraries and GPS for the development of excellent Android apps on gaming, e-learning, personal utility, eCommerce/finance, travel, etc.

The android app market is booming and India, as a mobile application development hub of the world, offers bright future to Android developers. Keeping in mind the vast potential of the mobile apps industry in the future, it is the right time to invest money, time and effort in the professional Android training institute empower yourself with Android skills and reap the benefits.

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Mobile Game Development – Adopting the Right Strategy to Make the Mobile Game an Instant Hit
March 8, 2013 admin


Developing a mobile game is an art in itself because of great amount of the talent, technology, time and money invested in it. With the Apple App Store and Google Market loaded with millions of mobile game applications, it would wrong not say that developing a successful mobile game for Android or iPhone is not a novice person’s game; rather playing field of an expert.

Even the experts face problems as the success of a gaming app rests on how warm the reception it gets from the audience. If the wow factor is missing then the game will not be a great revenue earner for the game development company. Though there are other factors that stand it between its success and failure. The below mentioned are important ones that all the game developers should take care when they develop a new Android or iPhone game.

Carry Out Thorough Market Survey
There are millions of games available in the market; however only a few of them are popular among the masses. Hence it is important to carry out a thorough survey of various types of games in the market and review their popularity. There are many categories of games like adventure, action, board, arcade, racing, puzzle, etc. It is necessary to go through end user reviews and properly gauge their likings to determine the perfect game for the audience before sitting down on the story board.

Fresh Concept
There are millions of games and many of them share the same concept, which kills the interest of the users in them because they are bored of playing games with the same concept. Hence it necessary to create a new gaming concept, a fresh story that is unique in itself and interesting enough to engage a wider audience. If it generates the wow feeling then it will be an instant hit.

Mobile game designers whenever they go to design board should think first about the screen of the mobile devices; because it is the playing area of any game. They should design according to screen size; even if they pack brilliant features in the game and neglect the screen area from the design angle; their game will not appear attractive. Refrain from packing too many features in the game as it is a spoilsport and hurt the gaming interest.

Interesting Game Play
The gameplay is another crucial feature that decides the success or failure of the game. If important to build character and game sequence completely in line with the story; that will keep users absorbed right from beginning till end. Adding interesting twists and turns on the way and charging up the different levels with more challenges will certainly keep user on their toes.

If all these criteria are taken care of during the development process then nothing will stop the game from becoming an instant hit.

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Evolution of android application development industry
February 21, 2013 admin


Smartphones changed the way people use their mobile phones. Offering a wide range of functionalities and features ranging from basic purpose of calling to managing files, executing financial transaction, searching for a local entity, and much more. IOS and Android created a great impact in the world of web development.

A whole new market of mobile application development was created with increasing use of Smartphones. Android is a clear leader in the mobile application development market. Being an open source platform, it provided the much needed flexibility to developer which attributed a lot to its success. This led many developers and companies into android mobile application development.

The increasing popularity and the flexibility of android helped it to become a preferred choice for many upcoming devices. This boost the android app development market and daily thousands of apps are created specifically for Android devices. Today, android mobile application development market is second largest and it is heading to gain the top position.

Apart from mobile phones, many tablets started using android. This created a greater need of flexibility in Android application development. Though mobile phones and tablets are similar in many aspects, they differ in many key features like screen size, resolution, and other features. People wanted to use the same app on both mobile phones and tablets. Android app development allowed developers to create apps that were compatible with mobile phones and tables as well.

Android mobile application development made the app development process much easier. With the availability of tons of tools and resources, android application development became more favorable. It is eminent that android app development is going to lead the market in coming years. As the advancement of technology is leading wide spread usage of android in the devices other than mobile phones and tablets.

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Time Goal Android widget Application
October 31, 2012 admin

TimeGoal – The Android Countdown Widget.
Never forget your place in Time.

Are you tired of forgetting what’s coming up and what has passed? Time to fix that.

Use TimeGoal to create widgets on your home screen to remind you of upcoming events:

80 Days until Christmas
5 Days until my love comes home

Or, use TimeGoal to create widgets reminding you of how much time has passed since an event:

10 Days Since my diet began.
8 Days Smoke Free.

Simply add a new TimeGoal widget to your home screen and you will see a form to customize the look and feel of your new reminder. You can add one of the included background images, or an image from your own camera or photo gallery.

App Name: TimeGoal

Technology: Android

Industry: Lifestyle


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LezFindr PhoneGap Application
September 24, 2012 admin

LezFindr is the essential location-based app to meet lesbian, bi and curious girls for dating, socializing and friendship. Using your iOs device, LezFindr is a location-based app that uses GPS to determine your location so you can chat, network and flirt with the girls near you at home or while you are traveling.  Also find out about local events for girls near you and get special VIP access to some of our LezFindr Parties!  

No account is required to use LezFindr and the app is Totally free! Just download and launch the app, upload your photos and give a little basic profile information to give yourself a flashy profile or begin browsing photos of girls nearby. Send a private chat and strike up a conversation with like-minded ladies close to your home, or anywhere you might visit.  LezFindr offers the world’s First Girls Only, location-based mobile network.

App Name: Lezfinder

Technology: PhoneGap

Industry: Social Networking


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Ear Spy – Android application
September 18, 2012 admin

Ear Spy amplifies sound from the mic to your headphones to give super hearing. Click on the center button, and you can hear the world around you.

App Name: Ear spy application

Technology: Android

Industry: Spy application


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Android Application FOF Egedal
May 15, 2012 admin

An android application shows the list of course of FOF. User can register and can pay fee of course through payment gateway.

App Name: FoF

Technology: Android

Industry: Health (Mobile Technology)


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Andriod Application Worldwide Market place
May 15, 2012 admin

An app for publishing ads in local language. It supports 17 languages. User can view ads and can contact the publisher.

App Name: World Wide Marketplace

Technology: Android

Industry: Internet Publishing (Mobile Technology)




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Android Application Globe 3D
May 15, 2012 admin

This android app is built using opengl es 2.0. An app shows 3D globe of earth and can rotate in all the dimensions. It shows the percentage of ozone, co2 and vapor in atmosphere of earth.

App Name: Globe 3D


Industry: Inforamation Technolohy


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Android Application Development Training
October 19, 2011 admin

Aimed at existing programmers, web developers, and development students who want to make career in mobile application development, this program help you to build compelling Java-based mobile applications using the Android SDK and the Eclipse open-source software development platform. Our Android program completely involves the learners in the Android platform, allowing them to walk away fully ready to build Android applications. Our Android program helps learners to understand the very core of Android application development. If you have some prior application development expertise in any programming languages, you may benefit from grasping concepts even more easily. If you are at beginner level then also you can be master of Android application development. Upon completion of our Android program, the learner will be proficient in every aspect of the Android platform beginning with base kernel right up to building end-user Android applications.

This fast-paced and hands-on class starts from setting up the Android Development Environment and takes the attendees all the way to publication of an application on the Android marketplace. The course covers the Android SDK and the details of its building blocks, UI, inter process communication, threading, graphics, media, networking, locations, sensors as well as native application implementation in C/C++. Once candidates complete our Android course they may go on to independently create and publish their own Android Apps, or work as Freelancers taking on Android projects for Clients across the globe.

If you are an Engineering/Science Graduate (Mathematics/Physics) or an MCA with working knowledge of C and Operating Systems, you will benefit from our Android program.

The course fits for,

Beginner or an Intermediate level developer: If you are beginner in programming and want to jump onto the Android Apps development bandwagon and start making money.

Experienced: If you would like to master Android Development through a step-by-step system and want to learn each cycle of development of Android application

Self Employed: If you have an Android App Idea or dreamed of creating one that you believe could be the next potential blockbuster on the online market. You can sell your application and earn unbelievable income.

Raise your earning potential: If you have a job and would like to get an immediate hike in your salary by adding this much sought after programming language to your skill set.

Freelancers: If you want to work as a freelancer that gets paid $30 to $40 per hour to write Android code, in a global market that currently has a short supply and high demand for Android coders.

Don’t hesitant to take your first step towards starting to learn Android Application Development, and don’t afraid of investing your time and money in a system which make your career shine better. Just contact us for free consultation today.

What You Will Learn In The Android Training Program?

  1. Build your own ANDROID apps
  2. Understand how ANDROID applications work, their life cycle, manifest, Intents, and using external resources
  3. Design and develop useful ANDROID applications with compelling user interfaces by using, extending, and creating your own layouts and Views and using Menus.
  4. Take advantage of ANDROID’s APIs for data storage, retrieval, user preferences, files, databases, and content providers
  5. Tap into location-based services, geocoder, compass sensors, and create rich map-based applications
  6. Utilize the power of background services, threads, and notifications.
  7. Use ANDROID’s communication APIs for SMS, telephony, network management, and internet resources (HTTP).
  8. Secure, tune, package, and deploy ANDROID applications
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Difference between Apple iOS 4.3 and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
August 3, 2011 admin

1. Apple iOS 4.3 is a Proprietary operating system from Apple for allwhereas Andorid 3.0 is an open source operating system.

2. iOS 4.3 is the common platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch while Android 3.0 was entirely designe large screen devices

3. Since Android is an open source operating system, different vendors modify it and change the GUI for their devices. On top of this, third party developers also modify Android and release new Android based ROMs.

4. The widgets in Honeycomb are more dynamic and the UI is designed for content focused interaction whereas in iOS 4.3 the homescreen looks clean and elegant but the widgets are more of a static nature and UI is more application centered.

5. Apple iOS does not support direct mass file transfer, whereas Android versions are improving on that with each revision. Android 3.0 also supports MTP/PTP over USB.

6. Media streaming has limitation with iOS 4.3 though there are some improvement introduced with improved AirPlay.

7. Apple iOS 4.3 does not support Adobe Flash Player, while Honeycomb supports the latest Flash Player 10.1.

8. iOS 4.3 supports pop up notifications, which is a nuisance to users, whereas Android 3.0 has a less disruptive system bar at the bottom of the screen for system status and notification.

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