Cocos 2D: Framework that Intensifies 2D Gaming Experience
August 2, 2013 admin

222235Mobile industry has also brought revolution as far as bestowing gaming experience is concerned. Thanks to novel open source framework that has brought revolution in mobile game development India with reduced game app development time and efforts and intensified user experience.

Cocos 2D is an open source framework that uses Objective –C language.  It is particularly designed to develop game for iOS devices including desktop and laptop. iPhone games are now developed using Cocos 2D. Cocos2D game platform has brought comfort to developers as well as to end users. Easy to use framework APIs makes development very easily job. It is the platform that keeps gamers engrossed merely to no end.

Coming to the Cocos 2D framework, it is mainly divided in three elements – Scene, Layer and Sprites. Scene contains libraries used to form playable part of any game. It is used to present title page, high score list, game over, etc. Layer is the area where one plays the game. Developer can create multiple layers to compose single scene. It can be like one layer designed to form background and another can be one where the actual action in the game takes place. Sprites are objects used to give value to character and strength to overall game. Every character used in the game will amplify user experience. It would be like one scene can contain multiple layer and one layer can contain several sprites. It gives similar feature like Adobe Photoshop where upper layer may hide the lower layer with higher z-value. Developer can change z-value and rearrange the layers and sprites to give better gaming experience. A game can have multiple scenes; however, only single scene can be activated at single point of time. There is one director which handles the activation of the scene. The entire framework is inherited from a boss known as CCNode.cocos3dx

Apart from this, Cocos 2D game platform is flexible enough to integrate with 3rd Party libraries. It is widely accepted for its fantastic effects, actions, texture support, scene management, sprite sheets, integrated physics engine (Box 2D, Chipmunk), Open GL point recognition, sensor and touch support.

Cocos is undoubtedly great and powerful game engine for two-dimension games. However, it is recommended to check out the proficiency of developer with objective-C while you hire mobile game developer. Perhaps, this is the demand of Cocos architecture.