Composer GUI Beta Update for Corona: Now Bring Your Ideas to Life
June 18, 2014 admin

Corona labs have been powering Corona SDK with significant improvements in the past. As a part of their innovation spree, Corona labs have rolled out a Composer GUI Beta Update. The update is available in a daily build 2014.2332.

In comparison to the previous Beta, the fresh version has been unleashed with quality improvements in the already existing features as well in the workflow. Several key features added to the new update include:

  • Resizable windows
  • Full-screen mode
  • Zooming in/out
  • Multiple Selection
  • View physical objects in real-time in the simulator


The Composer GUI Beta Update is important from the game development perspective. Now, it is easier to apply game mechanics and view the outcomes in real-time. You can add physics and manipulate the density of the objects, which makes them look more realistic and engaging.

Corona SDK is already a global phenomenon. It is answer for all those looking to get robust and engaging games developed quickly. Moreover, Corona SDK is also a feasible option of enterprise app development. So the possibilities are endless with Corona SDK. From basic business app to complex games and enterprise apps, Corona is a preferred choice for powerful applications.

The Composer GUI Beta Update is a much needed update for Corona. It is an innovative approach focusing on strengthening the capabilities of Corona SDK with lots of improvements which have been missing from the previous version.

So, if you are looking for a Corona game development or Corona SDK development, the updated features would significantly bring your ideas to life. To know more about this update or get quality Corona game development solutions, contact us and transform your ideas into reality.