Corona sdk cross platform mobile apps development
November 20, 2014 admin

Advantages of corona sdk cross platform mobile apps development

There are many ways to develop an apps using cross platform tools.You can choose a native development style or go for cross platform development.You may choose an open source model or paid software for development. A lot of factors go into the decision making process of selecting and using the best methodology for your Apps Development. So if you have somehow stumbled upon the name Corona SDK for cross platform apps development, do spare some minutes to know the advantages of the corona SDK before you make your decision.
Advantages of corona sdk cross platform mobile apps development

corona sdk cross platform mobile apps development

Corona helps you to build applications 10 times faster. Coding is made very simple and you can include complex functionalities with just few lines of code and see the changes instantly using the Simulator.


Single code base
With Corona you don’t have to hire multiple developers and use different development environments for each device. You create a single code base that works well with iOS, Android, kindle and Nook with platform specific conditionals. A single cross platform apps is the end product and corona also automatically scales your content across various devices.
Powerful APIs
Real time physics and gaming APIs can be easily added to your application with just few lines of human friendly code. The ease of use corona is providing lets even kids develop a chart topping apps and games.
Emphasis on design
Corona has advanced features to include graphic content and interactivity into your games and apps. When you are working with Corona you will start feeling more like a designer than a developer due to the wide range of design options Corona offers for your apps.
Faster monetization
Corona provides excellent integrated support for in apps purchases, banner ads and virtual currencies letting you monetize faster and easily.
Corona lets you join developers like you under the corona’s growing community of developers and get updated with third party tools. Corona has a shared code repository where developers can share their common knowledge and code snippets. Corona also has 347 studios all over the world helping developers.
Faster frame per second
Compared to most other SDKs Corona has a faster frame per second (FPS) making your app appear smooth and continuous with no lagging. Corona is the best platform for game development as it adjusts easily for various screen resolution and runs quickly without any lag.
Independent of IDE
There is no single Corona SDK IDE and you can use it any one of the third party tools or IDE that you find easy to work with. It also has amazing plugins for Sublime Text that is used for web and sales force development.
Lua programming
Lua is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and Corona is based upon this.
Rights to source code
Though the Corona game engine is a closed source, everything that you create with Corona is solely your own property written in lua. It lets you retain full rights to the lua code that makes up your project.
With so many advantages on its side, Corona SDK can be confidently added to the list of best cross platform game engines available.