Corona SDK -Mobile Application Development Platform
December 2, 2014 admin

Why Corona SDK (Software Development Kit) Is The Most preferred Mobile Applications Development Platform?

Corona SDK is a software development kit designed by Walter Luh who is also the founder of Corona Labs Inc. Corona SDK facilitates software programmers and developers to Develop mobile applications and games for various mobile platforms. Corona allows programmers to create advanced graphic applications by using Lua which is layered on the top of C++/OpenGL. Corona SDK works on the subscription based purchase model. According to this, it does charge on singular basis and impose any branding identity. More than 200k mobile app developers use this cross platform to develop applications and games.

Flawless mobile games and apps for all major platforms

Corona is the leading development framework for building games, ebooks, utilities and business applications. It is the best corona app development framework used worldwide for all major platforms like iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android devices. Corona supports a number of features in software development including audio, graphics, cryptography, networking, etc. It also provides device information features which involve accelerometer, GPS and user input. With Corona, you can develop mobile apps in less time with amazing accuracy and reliability. It is very well-known for developing a large number of hit mobile business applications and gaming applications.

Best cross platform for apps and game development

Corona SDK - Cross Platform for Mobile Application Development
It allows developers to develop in Lua which is an easy to learn language. It is coupled with APIs to allow adding features like Facebook, Twitter, etc. These additional features can be given to the mobile platform by just writing a few lines of codes. Then the same code base can be used for developing apps cross-platform. In this way by using the SDK, you can build mobile applications ten times faster.

Publish to all major mobile platforms

Corona allows its users to build games or apps in record time. With this software kit, you can build and publish your apps for free. To add more functionality, the SDK provides a feature of upgrading to Basic, Pro and Enterprise. The problems related to heavy text file and platform fragmentation will be taken care of by the Corona itself.

Corona introduced a new version of its platform, Coronacards, for using Windows Phone 8 more productively. Coronacards also brings a lot of flexibility to how developers can start developing for Windows Phone 8. Coronacards gives the software developers a privilege of appending to any native system by using Lua Bridge or anative.

Fastest and most accurate mobile development frame work

The Corona platform is built on industry standards like SQLite, OpenGL, Facebook and much more. It enables developing animation and application, networking, etc. just with a few lines of code. It works on automatic Open GL-ES integrated system that confirms fastest and accurate processing of the codes. Corona simulator calculates changes instantly when an app or a game is in the process of developing. It can iterate and process extremely quickly. For this, Corona supports Lua which is a lightning-fast and very easy to learn coding language. “State of the art” is the new graphic engine which is recently added to the SDK. This enables cinematic effects with just a few lines of code.