Corona Starts Development for Window Phone 8
November 10, 2014 admin

Corona Starts the Development for WP8 Apps And Games

It is good news for more than 300,000 developers as now corona has begun its support for Windows Phone and Windows 8 (Windows Store) apps in collaboration with Microsoft. Corona achieves this feat with the introduction of CoronaCards that provide flexibility for the developers to Develop corona apps for Windows Phone 8.

Corona Starts Development for Window Phone 8 Apps and Game

Corona Starts Development for Window Phone 8 Apps and Game

Corona and CoronaCards

Corona is a leading game engine based on Lua that helps developers create games for iOS and Android. This popular 2D mobile platform enables publishing of the apps to iOS, Android, Kindle and NOOK with a single code base. CoronaCardsa is a new version of this platform that provides support for Windows 8 and WP8 thus allowing users to use their existing code to build apps in the Windows platform too.

How it works?

Existing Corona developers will not find much difference from their previous experiences when developing for Windows platform. Developers can easily use the Corona Simulator to work on all Lua code and build it inside Visual Studio with the help of CoronaCards.
You can either build a native app or build it using a different framework and use Corona for porting. More than 1000 Corona APIs including the C++/ Open GL –accelerated graphics, audio, physics animation and many more allow developers to work on any configuration. Windows devices provide support for DirectX and thus you have many flexible options when developing your app.


All new purchases of Corona SDK Pro and Enterprise versions come with a WP8 license. Current users can get a free license with the same expiration date as that of their Pro or Enterprise license.

LicensingGetting started with CoronaCards

The following are the check list of requirements you need before you get on your developer shoes with CoronaCards.
A windows 8.1 device or a Windows 8.1 emulator
Visual Studio
A windows Phone
Corona is generous in documentation with the numerous guides, manuals and video tutorials that make developing with corona a piece of cake. Go through their homepage to get these manuals on how to install CoronaCards Visual Studio extension and start penning your app.
For porting an existing app , using CoronaCards template create a Visual Studio Project and then copy your Lua code into the Corona folder. An app with only supported APIs can get to working with these simple steps.
If your app needs in app purchases and similar functionalities you may have to write C# coding and link it back to the appropriate functions.


Corona provides excellent support to all your queries and doubts with its CoronaCards for WP8 forum created solely to serve this purpose. The forum is already up and lively with beta testers creating useful threads.
Though CoronaCards do not include the full functionality as in the original Corona version, it has enough APIs to get a decent app working perfectly fine. This is the first step Corona has taken towards a full support for Windows platform in the near future and Windows Store can be soon expected to teem with Lua/Corona based apps.
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