Craze of Android Mobile Apps Development
February 21, 2013 admin


Android changed the world of Smartphones and the way people use the mobile phones. Since its launch, it has never looked back and is consistently gaining ahead of its competitors. Today, android enjoys the highest share in the mobile market. With growing popularity and increasing use of android in new devices, the android application development is also on the rise.

Being an open source and tons of tutorials available online, android application development attracted many developers. This created a whole new set of opportunities for many existing web development companies and many new companies who started with android mobile application development. With a surge in the demand for android app development, web developing companies around the world took their first step into the world of android application development.

Programmers with knowledge JAVA programming language started providing android mobile application development services and also building their own apps. It was eminent that in developing economies like India, where the talent was abundant, companies started providing android application development services. It was beneficial for the companies who were already providing web development services, and provided stiff competition to new comers.

With companies mushrooming around the world, the competition in android mobile application development is increasing day-by-day. Businesses and people want their creative idea to be converted into mobile app and have their share of the pie. As more-and-more devices adapt android platform, it is clear that android is going to rule the mobile apps market for years to come.

With the passage of time, much new advancement had been done in android app development. Many tools are available that made android mobile application development task much easier. Some of the online tools had made android application development so easy, that a person without any programming language can also design and develop an app.