Difference between Apple iOS 4.3 and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
August 3, 2011 admin

1. Apple iOS 4.3 is a Proprietary operating system from Apple for allwhereas Andorid 3.0 is an open source operating system.

2. iOS 4.3 is the common platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch while Android 3.0 was entirely designe large screen devices

3. Since Android is an open source operating system, different vendors modify it and change the GUI for their devices. On top of this, third party developers also modify Android and release new Android based ROMs.

4. The widgets in Honeycomb are more dynamic and the UI is designed for content focused interaction whereas in iOS 4.3 the homescreen looks clean and elegant but the widgets are more of a static nature and UI is more application centered.

5. Apple iOS does not support direct mass file transfer, whereas Android versions are improving on that with each revision. Android 3.0 also supports MTP/PTP over USB.

6. Media streaming has limitation with iOS 4.3 though there are some improvement introduced with improved AirPlay.

7. Apple iOS 4.3 does not support Adobe Flash Player, while Honeycomb supports the latest Flash Player 10.1.

8. iOS 4.3 supports pop up notifications, which is a nuisance to users, whereas Android 3.0 has a less disruptive system bar at the bottom of the screen for system status and notification.

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