Evolution of android application development industry
February 21, 2013 admin


Smartphones changed the way people use their mobile phones. Offering a wide range of functionalities and features ranging from basic purpose of calling to managing files, executing financial transaction, searching for a local entity, and much more. IOS and Android created a great impact in the world of web development.

A whole new market of mobile application development was created with increasing use of Smartphones. Android is a clear leader in the mobile application development market. Being an open source platform, it provided the much needed flexibility to developer which attributed a lot to its success. This led many developers and companies into android mobile application development.

The increasing popularity and the flexibility of android helped it to become a preferred choice for many upcoming devices. This boost the android app development market and daily thousands of apps are created specifically for Android devices. Today, android mobile application development market is second largest and it is heading to gain the top position.

Apart from mobile phones, many tablets started using android. This created a greater need of flexibility in Android application development. Though mobile phones and tablets are similar in many aspects, they differ in many key features like screen size, resolution, and other features. People wanted to use the same app on both mobile phones and tablets. Android app development allowed developers to create apps that were compatible with mobile phones and tables as well.

Android mobile application development made the app development process much easier. With the availability of tons of tools and resources, android application development became more favorable. It is eminent that android app development is going to lead the market in coming years. As the advancement of technology is leading wide spread usage of android in the devices other than mobile phones and tablets.