Factors that Determine Success of Video Streaming Apps
April 4, 2014 admin

Video streaming apps are growing at an unprecedented rate. So much so that, their popularity has started affecting channel subscriptions across the globe. The use of Wowza Media Server for streaming and delivering live videos on desktops, laptops and mobile devices widened the spectrum of app development. Moreover, these trends continue to bulge with Facebook integration that provides the opportunity to share rich media content on social networks.
There is immense potential in this space of the mobile application landscape. However, industry sincerely lacks quality applications. So, to make the most of this opportunity as investors, it is important to understand factors that determine the success of your applications.

Media Server

Server holds the key for developing high-performing video streaming apps. Ideally, a good server is unified that seamlessly brings video on demand to internet connected mobile devices. Quality media server eliminates latency that gives the user an uninterrupted entertainment at the fingertips. Regardless of the speed of the processor and efficiency of the software, server is responsible for continuous flow of data. It is also important that servers stream multiple types of playback clients and devices simultaneously. In addition, compatibility with all streaming protocols like RTMP, MPEG2, MPEG-TS, ICY, etc. One of the best examples of quality and comprehensive server is Wowza Media Server. It is a complete server with requisite capabilities that promote the development of quality video streaming apps.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is paramount to enable applications to leverage the power of social networks for winning users through marketing, communications and market research. Integrating social media platforms in video streaming apps tend to generate more referral traffic, due to sharing. According to an official post from Facebook, users connect to mobile apps with Facebook are likely to spend more time in the app. It is also noted that 70 percent revenue for some of the popular game apps is generated from Facebook users. Chances are also high that users may spend more for video streaming apps.

App Development

Development of the application lays down the foundation of the success of the application. It is essential to shake hands with technology veterans those are well-versed in app development using media servers and capable of social media integration. Development is also essential to target leading mobile platforms, and reaching users on a wide range of devices for providing uninterrupted media and entertainment at their fingertips. Considering the intense competition, development is a major factor that will enable the application to stand apart from the rest.

App Marketing

Marketing is the core of any business strategy. To ensure high returns on investments, marketing is crucial. Before the release of the application, a buzz must be created on different content publishing platforms in the form of blogs, articles, reviews, PR, etc. Also, the targeted audiences should be reached via social networks and other marketing platforms to announce the arrival of the application. This will help the app to better penetrate the market and attain runaway success.
These four factors determine the success of the video streaming app. In addition, there are app fundamentals to keep in mind are the ability to provide video on demand video to users without unnecessary delays, cover a wide range of channels and keep the prescription fees low.