Google Glass to Get a Major Overhaul: Android 4.4 Update Coming this Week
April 16, 2014 admin

Google Glass, the augmented reality phenomena from Google, is back with a bang. This time, Google decided to revamp the operating system from Glass XE to Android 4.4 Kitkat. So far, Google only managed to unleash the explorer version of the device. However, it decided to take concrete initiatives for making this wearable tech a global phenomenon.

The latest updatesgoogleglass

In the past, Google Glass received several updates but none better than this. The most modern update focuses on two major loopholes, battery life and reliable device performance that have been annoying beta testers. In addition, developers will find it easier to write codes using 4.4 SDK and new features from GDK. It will also benefit the lagging apps list for Google Glass.

The latest update doesn’t influence the interface; however, several features will breathe fresh air and simplify your augmented life. New features include photo bundles that comprise of daily photos, videos and other stuff. Users will also be able to reply in Google hangouts  with photos and organize the                                                             voice commands  by frequency.

Video calls dropped

Google decided to drop video calls which was available earlier. Google’s team said, “Video calls aren’t living up to the high standards that we demonstrate in other features of the Glass.” The team also mentioned that the lack of popularity of video calls fueled the idea of dropping video calls. But, they ensured that video calls will return with a better experience. In the meantime, users can benefit from alternatives for video streaming functionality, the Live stream app and the upcoming Glass expansion, the Hang w/app that will perform the same task.

Where is Google Glass heading?

The OS update move from Google is considered to be a vital step in bridging the gap between Google Glass, and consumers and developers. It is also a first major step after launching the explorer edition back in April 2013. Last week, Google announced that the Glass will be up for sale on Tuesday in the US, and released mirror API for developers to start building apps. The OS update and sale of consumer versions clearly indicate that Google Glass is heading towards discovering its market share in the wearable-tech market.

There is another prototype developed on the footprints of Google Glass that was showcased at CES 2014. The Smart Glass was showcased by Taiwanese ODM ChipSip. The device had impressive specs that easily left Google Glass behind in almost all departments. The device has a sharp HD screen, support for 1080p video capture with 1GB of RAM and runs on Android 4.2.

Though, the aforementioned breakthroughs in the wearable-tech landscape seem impressive, they seriously lack the ability to woo consumers. As consumers are more inclined towards buying cost-effective smartphones, it is difficult to influence them for wearable technology. In addition, lack of applications also hampers the growth of these technologies