Google Malaysia Hacked. Reason to be Optimistic About Using Google
October 12, 2013 admin

Google Malaysia was hacked on October 11th. The credit was claimed by a group of Pakistani hackers. Read on to find out why this incident didn’t deter people from using Google after it recovered.

Google Malaysia,, was hacked and upholded by a group of hackers. This hack on Google Malaysia was claimed by a group of hackers, “Team Madleets”. At the stance of this event, the Google Malaysia home screen with white background was swapped with a black backdrop and stamped by Pakistani Leets.

How did the hack occur?

The Google Malaysia hack appears to be a case of a redirect attack. The Madleets group claims to have hacked and gained access to Malaysia Network Information Center, and redirected Google records thereon to the Madleets-controlled servers.

Google Malaysia then issued a statement: “For a short period, some users visiting were redirected to a different website; Google services for the domain were not hacked. We’ve been in contact with the organization responsible for managing this domain name and the issue should be resolved.”


Why your information on Google servers can still be considered safe?

There is apparently no evidence yet that the information on Google servers were tapped into by hackers. Such an instance brought to surface the scope of improvement for cyber security because of which the swapping of servers was possible.

Goolge Malaysia has recovered and there is no report of data loss due to this hack. The world’s leading search engine was affected with cyber disturbance but now it is available. Users of Google Malaysia and the search engine marketing companies have resumed to work as usual.

Investigation on this matter started as soon as the problem was resolved. It was identified that updating the new DNS servers would prevent from re-occurance of such attacks. However, for a world-wide updatation of DNS servers, it will take consederable time.