Google to Bolster Future Android Versions with ‘Performance Boosting Thing’
March 14, 2014 admin

Google’s Android OS is an undisputed leader of the smartphone market. At present, Android enjoys the largest bite of the smartphone market pie with 80% global share. To further enhance its supremacy, Google always encourage feedbacks and opinions from Android users. From bug reports to feature enhancement, OS offerings to performance, millions of Android fans sincerely contribute their understanding about the OS.

Recently, one of the Android fans expressed his distress over the performance of the platform. Though, concerns raised on issue tracker are least interesting, this time we decided to highlight a major concern that became a global attraction, and also gave birth to a new term ‘Performance Boosting Thing.’
What was the annoying concern that made this fan express his thoughts, and triggered Google’s thought process to include this in the priority list for the upcoming versions. Here is the suggestion of the fan:

“my feature request is about performance.i have used many of the android versioned mobile phone and tabs. in all that i noticed about the performance factor.can u guyz add some performace boosting thing on the next version or any update to existing. i want to open 10+ apps, active few ones and mostly inactive.when 5+ apps of size about 2gb its starts hanging or slowing down the running speed.can u make some redesign or something that will increase the performance using lesser ram use. my request feature is about ram consumption. please make it in the update so the phone can produce much fast perfomance.”

The quoted content is a suggestion from a less technical, but a huge fan of Google who loves the platform and want it to perform better. This Android fan also coined an important term ‘Performance Booster Thing.’
The concern raised in the aforementioned quoted content is true, and Google is considering this request as a launch pad for the upcoming Android version that will perform the way users wants it to without any crash, sluggishness and other problems limiting Android’s performance.

In the past, Google has been prompt to address such concerns. Google strengthened Jelly Bean with project butter and KitKat with project Svelte. In this case, Google has already started working on the ‘Performance Boosting Thing’. It has already noted this suggestion and tagged the issue as a medium priority concern for future Android releases.

The time is also right for Google to offer value to its loyal customers by rewarding them with optimized OS that can accommodate their needs. To conclude, I would thank the poster who has expressed his understanding that may make a huge difference in the overall performance of the upcoming Android versions.