Health Care iPhone Application
November 23, 2011 admin

Benenden Health care is a iPhone  Application Provide healthcare advice and information to members.

Application Overview

1) Healthy News section- The Healthy living content online is currently updated at the rate of 40 articles a month – 10 a week. This content features weekly news digests, a weekly blog and online polls. Content from this section of the website is supported by a RSS feed currently.
2) Calendar – Calendar functionality incorporated allowing users to allocate appointments with GP’s, Dentists, health related bodies/activities & receive reminders for said appointments.
3) 52 week Health Challenge – Benenden Healthcare’s current 52 week health challenge will be displayed in full in a separate section of the app, with users having the ability to push all challenges to the native iPhone calendar.
4) IWU (Interact with us) – A poll section allowing users to complete radio buttoned based polls which allow Benenden healthcare to garner value feedback on any health related subject matter or feedback on the application itself. Users should also be provided with the facility to send mail to a specific mail address.

We also create CMS For Managing News Section, Poll section, show Poll Result, and Feedback in PHP.

Application Developed for our client.

Technologies used in developing it:


  • Health Care

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