India is the iPhone Application Development Hub of World
January 31, 2013 admin

iphone_developmentiPhone app development is a huge industry in itself thanks to sparkling success of successive launch of different iPhone versions, leading to iPhone 5. With Indian iPhone development companies leading the way in development of inventive iPhone applications of different genre, it would not be wrong to call India has iPhone application development hub of the world.

Mobile commerce is growing at a rapid pace and many iPhone development companies in India have come up with dynamic iPhone applications for online shopping and banking. The parallel growth of e-commerce and iPhone industry has created a mobile commerce boom, which major players in the industry contributing their best to bite deeper into the mobile commerce pie that global market offers to them.

India‘s rich pool of talented iPhone developers, low development costs and vast consumer market has made it iPhone application development hub of the world. Many International players in this arena have established sophisticated development centers to cater the global demand, including that of India. With comparatively younger population compared to other emerging economies like China, Brazil and Russia, the Indian market offer lucrative opportunities for iPhone development companies. It is like killing two birds with one stone- hire skilled iPhone developers at low cost and sell applications to a young and vast local customer base. Thus India fires growth of iPhone apps development industry around the world.