How Industrial Automation is Ready for the Internet of Things
April 14, 2017 admin

From increased productivity, faster production, improved worker safety, and better product quality, industrial automation has powerful benefits for manufacturers. So, it might be surprising that industrial automation is about to get a whole lot better. And it’s all due to the Internet of Things (IOT).

And it’s all due to the Internet of Things (IOT).

While the Industrial IOT might still be in its infancy, it’s already got great potential. Getting in on the IOT from the start can make sure you keep your company on the cutting edge.

So what will the IOT and the future of automation look like?

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a hot buzzword right now, whether you are talking about manufacturing or consumer goods. But what exactly is it?

Basically, the Internet of Things refers to the idea that anything electrical — whether it’s a fridge, a lamp, or industrial machinery — will be connected to the internet. This will allow the many different devices you use to “speak” to one another, and increase the amount of data any device can collect.

The Machine-to-Machine Network

One of the most important benefits that the IOT will bring to industrial automation is the creation of machine-to-machine (M2M) networks.

Machines will be able to pass data back and forth throughout the manufacturing process. This will allow them to automatically adapt to changes and will increase efficiency.

However, there may be compatibility issues. Effective manufacturers will ensure full compatibility of their machinery to maximize the IOT benefits.

Full Automation, Anywhere

The Internet of Things creates the potential for total automation. Since the machines will be interconnected via a network, they will be able to work together automatically in a way that isn’t currently possible.

It also means that there won’t be the same need to centralize your manufacturing locations. Since the equipment is connected over the internet, machines in entirely different factories hundreds of miles apart could work together perfectly.

This also means that all the equipment at different stages of the supply chain would be in communication. Every step along the way, all the equipment would adapt to current production levels.

The entire supply chain could constantly adapt to your needs at the moment, automatically.

Analytics and Planning

The IOT will allow your machinery to collect and share comprehensive data about their functioning, and the functioning of your entire production chain.

You’ll be able to remotely monitor how your factory is working. Plus, analyzing such comprehensive data will allow you to find ways to make your production even more efficient.

You’ll be able to make production changes easily and remotely to make sure you’re only producing what you need. This could even be automated for maximum efficiency.

Industrial Automation and You

The Internet of Things will change industrial automation forever. It will increase efficiency all throughout the production chain.

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