Investing Time, Money and Efforts in the Professional Android Training Center
March 13, 2013 admin


Android OS Android OS is the contribution of Google led consortium; this versatile operating system is used by increasing numbers of Major mobile manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, etc. There is a steady increase in or demand of various types Android applications, from gaming to e-learning. However there is a lack of sufficient numbers of skilled Android developers, speaking in the context of the explosive growth of the Android application development industry around the globe.

India offers a great potential for Android apps industry because there is easy availability of young talent that can contribute both ways to the Android cause; provide the development skills and the consumer market. Creating an application that runs on Android OS requires good understanding of Java and C/ C++ programming languages.

At our Android Training center, Ahmedabad we introduce students to the functionalities of the Android OS and how this mobile development platform can be used in an optimum manner to create an array of mobile applications. The students learn about Android SDK, which also includes the use of Android Eclipse- based development tools. The students understand how to visualize screen flow and navigation features, create and upload Android applications in the Android App market. They acquire the programming finesse needed to make optimum use of various Android background services like accelerometers, rich graphic libraries and GPS for the development of excellent Android apps on gaming, e-learning, personal utility, eCommerce/finance, travel, etc.

The android app market is booming and India, as a mobile application development hub of the world, offers bright future to Android developers. Keeping in mind the vast potential of the mobile apps industry in the future, it is the right time to invest money, time and effort in the professional Android training institute empower yourself with Android skills and reap the benefits.