iOS 7 From the Perspective of iPhone App Development
June 17, 2013 admin

iPhone Game Development

Yet another revolution from Apple is the much-awaited iOS 7. The iOS 7 beta version is available for iPhone developers. There are a number of exciting things that the new OS brings to iPhone app development.

After a series of minor updates and hard-to-notice design changes, Apple has finally come up with an OS which tech enthusiasts and iPhone app developers call ‘biggest change since the launch of first generation iPhone’. iOS 7 is truly advanced and every imperfection in the previous version seems to be chiseled out to give a flawless, fantastic user-experience.

iOS 7 empowers iPhone developers to do much more than before. Let’s explore.

Create the UI you have been waiting for: The user-interface design revamp in iOS 7 is stunningly beautiful and makes for a delightful iPhone experience. From the home page to in-built apps every aspect of the new OS is polished.

The UIKit allows developers to do much more than before. With better motion control, every nook of the app design and coding can be added with a ‘magical’ touch. Your apps can be incorporated with realistic motions and are more responsive to every touch, pinch and swipe. This means your mundane apps for business utility, productivity, document organization, and other such apps will be even sleeker and easier to work on.

iPhone games get even more fun: You’d be excited to know that iOS 7 comes with re-designed Game Center. With the improved and perfected Sprite Kit framework, your iPhone game developer can create unique game experiences filled with more fun, thrill and excitement.

It allows for awesome game-play and supports awe-inspiring gaming effects that are sure to keep gamers hooked on to your game. The iPhone game development process is redefined to set a platform to create better games and speed up the turnaround time. MFi controllers specially built for iPhone gives gamers even more effortless game-control which eventually leads to an immersive gaming experience.

Those of you who have got their app ideas built on previous iOS versions; it’s time to re-image your apps for iOS 7!! The new OS is feature-rich, powerful and packed with surprises. Tell us what you think about iOS 7 in the comments below. We love to hear from you.