The Legal Challenges of IoT Home Automation You Should Know
June 19, 2017 admin

IOT home automation can make our lives a whole lot easier, but as a growing number of remotely controlled devices hit the home appliances market, more legal questions are raised.

IOT, of course, refers to the Internet of Things, an interworking of phyisical devices with electronic devices for the exchange of data.

Huge steps have been and are being made towards making automation commonplace in the home and in business. From switching on your heated floors to closing your blinds, a unified IOT doesn’t seem that far off.

Let’s explore some of the legal questions raised by home automation through the IOT that home and business owners should address before moving forward to implementation.

Here are all of the issues you need to be aware of before you make the move IOT home automation..

Legal Questions Surrounding IOT Home Automation


Compared to traditional, physical home-based products, equipment, devices, and appliances, developers must address concerns about the reliability of smart devices. As a home or business owner implementing IOT Home Automation, there should always be an in-case-of-emergency plan in case of failure.


Before putting your faith into smart home security systems, companies and developers must assure users and buyers that no outside parties will be able to hack into their smart security systems and gain access to their data or gain physical entry into their homes.

Data Collection and Use

Many new products rely on propositions focused on new functionality and resources. In order to achieve this, data is almost always collected through IOT Home Automation devices and servers operated by device providers.

In simple terms, the IOT generates massive opportunity for data collection that is generally used to improve services or is analyzed by marketers.

Digital Integration

The connected home and business means that many related professions, such as locksmiths and electricians need to consider putting software at the heart of their business efforts. In order to keep up with the marketing, plumbing companies and the like will need to become partially digitized.


As the world of the IOT Home Automation evolves, existing products and services must be updated and patched. These remote software solutions, however, are not always entirely reliable or appreciated.

Developers must bear this in mind in the case of displeasure or malfunctioning due to updates and patches.


The growing market of IOT Home Automation devices raises many regulatory, legal, and usage questions as well as raises existing legal issues around the web. The rate of change and evolution in the IOT Home Automation market means that associated policies and legal and regulatory structures are often outpaced.

In the changing world of the IOT Home Automation, the best thing you can do for your home or business is practice careful and thorough implementation and development.

If you are a big or small business or a homeowner working towards IOT implementation, we offer consulting and development in the areas of energy monitoring, transportation, home automation, industrial process automation, infrastructure monitoring, and healthcare.