IoT to revolutionize long route transportation
September 28, 2017 admin

Whether it is addressing a grave concern of commuters’ security or easily managing fleets, the revolutionary technology of IoT proves itself. Moreover, IoT not only helps in assembling processes but also improves delivery times when it comes to the logistic industry. The transportation and logistics business ask for the best solutions with no compromising in safety and efficiency.

The very need of IoT in logistics and transportation

Transport and logistics may have a route of any kind like air, ground, or sea, it is essential to have accurate and real-time information on vessels, aircraft, and vehicles. While IoT has revolutionised all the industries under the sun, transport and logistics are no exceptions. The latest offerings of mobile technology have added a feather to the cap.

Using IoT for logistics and transportation, you can be sure of fuel efficiency, controlling labor costs, routes with less traffic, and solutions to other operational challenges. SP Technolab has observed a marked improvement in boosting productivity and smoothening the business operations after an implementation of IoT solutions.

An added advantage of IoT devices
The IoT solutions for logistics and transportation can be augmented with IoT devices that fetch and deliver the information in real time. Customized IoT solutions can enable enterprises to connect all IoT devices within the network. The cloud computing can even take the IoT solution further to have accurate data reaching to every device connected anywhere across the world.

The unparalleled benefits of IoT solutions for transport industry
The artificial intelligence and IoT can do wonders in precisely tracking the fleet and shipment. Here are the areas where IoT can help like no other technology.

360-degree coverage: logistics and transportation across the world focus on extending their network and efficiency in order to stay on the top in the market. Nevertheless, to reach this level, they need to have precise information that is not just robust, but also scalable as their network grow. Accurately implemented IoT solutions for transportation can facilitate business operations that, in turn, help make quick decisions. RFID devices, scanners, GPS gadgets, and portable internet modems have improved the services of logistic companies manifold.

Docking, yard, and warehouse inventory: the three of these make the pillars of any logistics and transportation company. Seamless management of this trio is the key to success. IoT solutions can track inventory, vessels, maintenance, and equipment efficiency in real time. Converting the legacy system into IoT enabled network, the crucial information can be shared securely through clouds that can further distribute specified data to selected devices across the world.

Fleet management: the core part of any logistics and transportation management is fleet management that can be made easier by implementing tailor-made IoT solutions. The solutions can manage maintenance schedules, day-to-day fleet usage, real-time traffic information in various routes, and thus, improve operational efficiencies. For companies, accurate information on vehicles’ position, and for drivers, vehicle efficiency and less congested routes are important. Accurate information through IoT solutions can prevent the damage to the inventory and thus bring down the insurance related expenses. With the help of just-in-time data, companies can quickly respond to end clients’ queries.

SP Technolab believes in providing the best and customized IoT solutions for logistics and transportation industry. Our IoT experts take help of SAP analytics to enhance the efficiency of the automated systems integrated.