IOT World News: Here’s What to Watch for in 2017
April 14, 2017 admin

It’s safe to say the Internet of Things has grown exponentially, touching upon every corner of our electronic life.

Take, for example, one of the most popular and visible IoT tech – wearables.

Smart wearable devices are expected to rake in an estimated $53 billion by 2019!

With that kind of money, can you afford to be behind in IoT world news? Didn’t think so.

Keep reading – we’re going to show you what the future holds for the Internet of Things.

Clouds And Fog

Fog architecture is going to enter the conversation in a serious way.

Right now, “edge” or “fog” computing is becoming more necessary as a way to shore up info transfer from a device to the cloud.

As more smart devices come online, the focus will be on shoring up this vulnerable area.

Security Takes The Lead

In October of 2016, we saw the first DDOS attack that rocked IoT world news.

It wasn’t necessarily what was lost but more of what it represents.

Smart devices will have to adapt and be made to withstand any future attack.

Better Order Fulfillment

With more smart devices involved in the consumer process, online shopping will be more streamlined.

This means more customers will choose to shop online.

From the moment the order is placed to the second the package is delivered, businesses are better able to meet the demands of online shopping.

ROI IoT World News

While 2015 saw the emergence of tangible IoT things, 2016 saw the implementation.

Now, case studies will start coming through, showing real examples of how IoT can impact ROI.

Keep an eye peeled for meaningful metrics in IoT world news.

The Changing Job Market

Tech workers will obviously be in high demand.

Hard skills, including security and circuit design, will be sought-after, but so will programming.

Workers who recognize this and keep up with IoT world news are going to find success.

Smart Cities

Cities have the funding and the interest in setting up more IoT framework.

Citizens might recognize a few of the benefits of living in a smart city, like the safety of smart street lamps or cost saving measures from on-demand trash pickup.

The one drawback: cities will have to dig deep to come up with the cash to support data gathering and integration – at first.

Smart Homes

2016 welcomed smart home devices, like Amazon Echo and Google Home, into our everyday lives.

Content streaming continues to make headlines in IoT world news as it grows year over year.

There are two major areas that need to be addressed in 2017: networking and interconnectivity.

Right now, there are tons of devices on the market but they don’t play well with each other in the home. Manufacturers need to find ways to make this more convenient for consumers.

With networking, demand is outpacing supply for bandwidth. This creates lag in streaming and issues with home appliances.

IoT providers need to find a way to make it work if they want to keep their products in consumer’s houses.

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