Launching a Mobile Game Application
March 20, 2013 admin

Creating a mobile game application is working half done; the other major part is selling it. For that a developer should have a good idea where to deploy the game so that effective sale results are achieved. The Apple App store is the right place for iPhone apps. Though developers need to follow standard regulations to follow and hosting fees are costly, the potential rewards are also measurably larger.

For Android, Google Play is the best place to host the apps, followed by Amazon’s App Store. Though Google Play continues to dominate the Android Apps market, Amazon with its Kindle is also a popular Android apps host, at a second place. There are millions of mobile gaming apps in the market and the biggest challenge is to achieve visibility on the Internet; get noticed by the crowds and be easily available. The traditional marketing strategy includes banner advertisements and offer-wall services. The latter one is, download-at-fixed-price type, while the other is of variable cost type.

The other marketing method is to build a partnership with leading players in the mobile game market. It is a costly effort, but it gives the game a shot at stardom; though it makes no guarantee the apps success. However if there is something ‘oomph” in the app it will be certainly noted by the audience and that could be the key driver of its success in the market. It is good practice to distribute apps to the app stores that have a wider audience and provide a rating system. If the mobile game title is appealing and earns good ratings; it will translate into good download numbers. So a mobile game with millions of download counts is more successful than the game with a few thousand downloads. So the download statistics are the indicator or success or failure of any game.

If the game is appealing and launched in a proper manner then there is no stopping it from becoming a big hit with the mobile gaming crowd.