Looking Into The Future With Magento 2
November 21, 2013 admin

thumb_19__auto_b49bc84cb4d881874eace49b095353e2Much-anticipated upgrade from Magento development service providers is Magento 2. While plans for its release might be best left for distant future, here’s what you can expect from the new iteration.

In September this year, Magento released upgrades – community edition, professional edition and enterprise edition 1.13. This means Magento 2.0 might be on the horizon. Let’s peek into the future as to what moving away from Magento 1.x and entering into Magento 2.x would mean for Magento developers and online merchants.

The eCommerce framework currently supports some of the leading brands on the planet. To learn that a drastic upgrade is around the corner is quite encouraging for online business enterprises.

The yet-to-be-launched upgrade will focus on the specific needs of users depending upon the edition they choose to use. Some improvements are spread across all editions, and certain enhancements such as caching and indexing improvements are restricted for the Enterprise Edition.

Magento Community has been working on the 2.x for quite some time to fix most bugs and incorporate functionalities that make going online easy and keep the eStore profitable. You can expect a major core update with new key functionalities. Moreover, the new upgrade is expected to significantly reduce development time and optimize revision cycles. Even the admin panel might be worked out to make it even more intuitive to use.

Some of the eminent companies providing hire Magento developer services India have already begun to have their developers study the Magento 2 code base and learn about the changes that have been made by the community. This way when Magento 2 is launched officially, their developers will have an edge over others in creating customized storefront that leverages on its enhanced functionalities.

Still there remains a scope to tweak some codes and incorporate changes that would make Magneto development faster, customizable and scalable.

Over to you. Put up your wish-list as to what you would like to see in Magento 2 in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.