Mobile Game Development – Adopting the Right Strategy to Make the Mobile Game an Instant Hit
March 8, 2013 admin


Developing a mobile game is an art in itself because of great amount of the talent, technology, time and money invested in it. With the Apple App Store and Google Market loaded with millions of mobile game applications, it would wrong not say that developing a successful mobile game for Android or iPhone is not a novice person’s game; rather playing field of an expert.

Even the experts face problems as the success of a gaming app rests on how warm the reception it gets from the audience. If the wow factor is missing then the game will not be a great revenue earner for the game development company. Though there are other factors that stand it between its success and failure. The below mentioned are important ones that all the game developers should take care when they develop a new Android or iPhone game.

Carry Out Thorough Market Survey
There are millions of games available in the market; however only a few of them are popular among the masses. Hence it is important to carry out a thorough survey of various types of games in the market and review their popularity. There are many categories of games like adventure, action, board, arcade, racing, puzzle, etc. It is necessary to go through end user reviews and properly gauge their likings to determine the perfect game for the audience before sitting down on the story board.

Fresh Concept
There are millions of games and many of them share the same concept, which kills the interest of the users in them because they are bored of playing games with the same concept. Hence it necessary to create a new gaming concept, a fresh story that is unique in itself and interesting enough to engage a wider audience. If it generates the wow feeling then it will be an instant hit.

Mobile game designers whenever they go to design board should think first about the screen of the mobile devices; because it is the playing area of any game. They should design according to screen size; even if they pack brilliant features in the game and neglect the screen area from the design angle; their game will not appear attractive. Refrain from packing too many features in the game as it is a spoilsport and hurt the gaming interest.

Interesting Game Play
The gameplay is another crucial feature that decides the success or failure of the game. If important to build character and game sequence completely in line with the story; that will keep users absorbed right from beginning till end. Adding interesting twists and turns on the way and charging up the different levels with more challenges will certainly keep user on their toes.

If all these criteria are taken care of during the development process then nothing will stop the game from becoming an instant hit.