Mobile Game Development – Combining Technology with Effective Marketing Tactics
March 18, 2013 admin

The accelerating shift of consumers from desktop PC and Laptops to Smartphones has stirred a fierce competition amongst mobile gaming companies. With estimated 1.1 billion Smartphone users across the globe, mobile game development companies realize the huge business potential that needs to be tapped properly.

With major mobile games companies trying their best to bite deeper in the mobile gaming pie and new entrants, close on their heels, the completion is really heating up.

Recently, Electronic Arts announced the release of “Real Racing 3”, a free social mobile game with the purpose to have this game on every Smartphone and tablet in the world. With people happily spending bucks on their mobile games there is no doubt that mobile game development companies are poised to make huge profits in coming years.

The mobile gaming technology has leapfrogged; game makers have successfully embedded richer graphics and game mechanics in the game play. This is being well complimented by a faster computing power of Smartphones and Interactive Servers to make mobile gaming a serious business. The industry is maturing at a rapid pace and in the process has sounded the death knell for the console games, which are witnessing the steady erosion in their client base.

Gaming companies are coming up with smart marketing concepts to sell their games. Electronic Arts caused quite a stir in the gaming world by offering “Real racing 3” game, free to download. The players can go through all levels of the game without paying; however it takes time to earn points for upgrades. While there is an option to pay and speed up through different levels for quicker and better user experience.

Combining technology with new marketing tactics is greatly helping the cause of mobile development companies to successfully push their games to all the nooks and corners of the gaming world.