Why you should go for mobile game development today!
March 20, 2015 admin

From those days the word called “games” evolves till date. But nowadays, it’s not necessary for us to create an environment to play indoor and outdoor games, but the environment has been created virtually for single/multiple users to play, interact and share. That means, this generation is took over by the technology drastically. With the advent of smart phones , the popularity and sales of these portable devices increased in the short period, paves the way for the mobile technology emerge slowly and adapt to the current trends to meet with the clients. The gap between the days from the evolution of symbian games to iPhone game development is shorter, but the technology has been tremendously hopped higher in the development of games. It is because the modern people from kids to granny’s have fun by engaging themselves in the games through smart phones. With the realistic graphical user interface design of these games, it catches the user’s attention and makes them to addict towards it.The mobile game development is done in such a way that we may dip in dilemma whether we are attracted by games or games have been developed to attract and addict us. But nowadays, instead of games being developed for fun and entertainment, it is more tremendously developed for business purposes that yield a profitable share for the business people to make them billionaires and trillion-ares.

Mobile Game Development CompanyAndroid phones are used by many people irrespective of their age. It is one of the mobile operating system platforms that support java. So, most of the apps used in smartphones are developed by Java. But, this trend may change in the upcoming years due to the emerging platforms.

Latest trends of Mobile Game development in use:

We know there are millions of game downloads every day. Though, 3d games and multi-player games like chess are the current market’s demand, the latest trends includes the following

  • Location based games

Adventurous games, treasure hunting games, car games, gift collection games, riddles and puzzles are some games that allows user to track location of the device using GPS service. Free running, man vs zombies are some of the examples of this game type.

  • Cross-platform games

There are some other games that can be played on mobile as well as laptops, thus supporting different platforms. Angry birds is one such game (cross-platform games).

  • Online games

There is also another type of games, in which groups are formed for playing on the social networking sites, which allows them to share and complete with another member in the same group connected through network.(connected or online games). It integrates communities to play games.

  • Serious games

Education and learning is the main objective of some types of games which is used by certain countries to educates people by learning through games (serious games). A force more powerful is one such type of game.

Go for mobile game development!

There is an increasing demand in multi player games and 3d games, that may rule the future. The following trends will fill the markets of mere future

  • Multi player mobile games
  • Advertising new products/promoting cinemas by mobile games.
  • 3d design scenario mobile games.

Multiplayer mobile games: Multi player mobile games development is getting its value with its increased number of users. It involves playing against many people that would conquer massive people in the mere future. These games are played with GPRS connection through network with a central server acting as a router and interact with each other.

Advertising new products/promoting cinemas: Many business people find their way to popularize their products through entertainment medias to advertise and market their products. Advertisements running at the bottom of the display seem familiar in many games nowadays. Certain companies have started investing for advertising through games. Some other games are developed depending on the roles played from the movie. This will promote the entertainment and capture the hearts of many people by bringing a positive look at that character.

3d design scenario mobile games: Real world mobile game development is not so far to reach. The gaming industries and the developers are targeting in this field that demands current trends and there will be an increase in the number of users in the future.

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