Mobile Game – The Future of Gaming
March 18, 2013 admin

The video games gave way to the console or PC games; but the emergence of the Smartphones has completely changed the gaming scenario. Smartphones with Android and iPhone operating systems have contributed significantly to rise in popularity of mobile games across the globe. The future is bright for the mobile game industry.

The internet has shrunk the world and Smartphones have liberated people from their desktops and made it easy for them to stay connected with the web world, round-the-clock. They can entertain themselves, even when they are on the move, like travelling in Bus or Train thanks to a new gaming concept- online Massive Multiplayer gaming, which allows the gamer to engage an opponent of choice – anywhere, anytime, across the globe.

Presently many advertising companies are using the mobile gaming platform as an advertising platform because it provides a way to directly reach out to the vast Internet based consumers for an effective marketing outcome. Companies invest in mobile games to convey their ideas or concept, project brand and promote business. The movie companies nowadays use mobile gaming concept to promote their films and even cash on the success of the Box-office hit. Games are developed based on the characters and the story of the film to target the right customers. According to Mediabrix, by 2015 there will be 158.9 million mobile gamers across the globe and they offer bright opportunities for the gaming companies.

The leading Smartphone manufacturers and chip makers are collaborating on ways to enhance performance of the mobile devices. With 3D gaming round the corner; gamers are looking forward to 3D mobile games because they will complete change the way people play the games on their mobile devices. People will witness the real world game scenario that will take them past all the limitations of the available resources. 3D gaming will be a reality soon and hence it won’t be wrong to say that mobile games are the future of the gaming industry.