Mobile Game Industry at a Glance
March 14, 2013 admin

The Mobile game industry is one of the fastest growing industry verticals. It has registered a phenomenal growth ever since the launch of Apple App Store in 2008. With Android now steaming ahead of the iPhone, the competition is heating up and driving the industry ahead, even when the recession has hit the majority of the industry verticals. People across the globe are spending on Smartphones and other handheld devices; the demand for mobile apps has shot up. Now millions of apps are available on the iPhone’s Apps Store and Google’s Android Market combined; but the appetite for the new gaming applications keeps on increasing with each passing day.

According to reports of Business Insights the social gaming market is expected to touch the $ 4 Billion mark by 2015, with US is leading the way. But the projection for the Multiplayer online gaming is expected to be a whopping $ 14 Billion by 2015. Mobile games have replaced the console gaming and with the advent of Interactive Server technology and faster Smartphones, the future belongs to multiplayer online gaming.

The Social media are a boon to the gaming industry. The recommended mobile games social media circuit creates a viral effect, to the delight of the game development companies because the word-to-mouth advertising on the networking sites does not require spending millions of dollars on marketing; whilst the sales continue to boom.

By now China having eclipsed USA in the manufacture and ownership of Smartphones and other handheld devices the mobile game industry will get the thrust that will lift it to new heights in the near future. With Samsung focused on the Indian market and launching special Android Smartphones for the Indian consumers, the online gaming industry in the Indian subcontinent will leapfrog ahead and play a significant role in the growth of the global mobile gaming industry.

Looking ahead, the 3D gaming will become increasingly popular and the convergence of Television, media and Internet will fuel the growth of the industry because people will be more inclined towards online networking and gaming rather spend their time on TV channels. So in a year from now, maybe we will see people logging on to their favorite online games rather than watch a TV serial. This is the age of interactive entertainment and mobile gaming is certainly showing the way.