Munching on Android 4.4 KitKat
October 10, 2013 admin

It’s confirmed that the next to join the brigade of Android’s dessert wagon is ‘KitKat’. You can have your Android app developer to build your dream app on Android 4.4 as early as October end.

Yet another sweet new treat from Android is here – KitKat (yes, Google has confirmed this name so snack on the rumors of Key Lime Pie as the dessert-related name with a ‘k’ in the series of Android versions). Like most companies in the Silicon Valley have unusual source of inspiration, for naming Android 4.4 ‘KitKat’ the inspiration was chocolate bars in a Google refrigerator.

Wait. Take a break. Walk up to your refrigerator. Maybe you find some inspiration for your next Android app development idea, or at least something to munch on. Grab it anyway.


On a serious note, if your head is buzzing with a phenomenal app idea that you think can help people make their chaotic life somewhat better; you might want to consider looking for an Android app developer on hire-resource bases and who can leverage on Android 4.4 ones it is out.

Why choose Android to fuel your app idea?

Because the latest version, Android 4.4 KitKat is power-packed with great features that deliver a brilliant app experience and up the chances of app downloads. By the way, rumors have it that you will have to wait till October 14 for the launch of Android KitKat. Or maybe October 30. The official announcement about the release date isn’t out yet.

One of the (rumored) updates that have caught the interest of Android app developers about the crunchy, chocolaty treat from Android is enhanced optimization for cross-devise user-experience.

Even if Android app development is optimized for smartphones, users with limited functionality devices had to make do with some glitches because of the fragmented user-base. KitKat might be optimized to resolve this problem, to an extent.

KitKat is an update in the fourth iteration and not an upgrade to Android 5. While you may not find many radical changes to the OS this time around, you can expect performance improvements and bug fixing that ease out the creases in app development and over all user-experience.