What makes Phonegap Game development very much in demand?
July 2, 2013 admin

You will be shocked when you hear about a free open source framework that allows you to develop mobile game development in similar way as you were deploying web applications. Yes, the beauty of Phonegap lies in its simplicity offered to the developers to develop game apps with HTML, CSS and javaScript.

Phonegap architecture allows end user to deploy singe game application on multiple platforms. This means no matter whatever may be your platform, you can enjoy gaming experience in your Smartphone, tablets or computers.

Phonegap eliminate those gaps that what application offers when developed in standard HTML and the application developed in native code of particular device. JavaScript API wraps HTML and JavaScript into native shell allow to access specific hardware of the device. Such features make Phonegap apps easily acceptable to each platform’s app store. Phonegap architecture is based on 100% web standards and backed with large stakeholders like Apple, Microsoft, Google, BlackBerry, Intel and more. As a fantastic extension to its current features, Phonegap Build allows to package mobile apps in the cloud for multiple platforms.


Phonegap is extensible framework allows app to access following properties with built-in APIs:

• Access to various device components like camera, compass, Accelerometer, Contacts etc,
• Allow access to local storage
• Offers Interoperability with other phone applications
• Zero latency feedback
• Support Plug-ins exposing mechanism to develop application with native features that are not really exposed in Phonegap API.

The Phonegap game development gives exposure to larger audience with seamless deployment of apps across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc. You can get maximum ROI with Phonegap Game development where customized game apps can be used for brand your business. Great feature based application supporting versatile platforms will definitely improve your sales eventually give identity to your business.