Richer and Faster Mobile games for a Real-time Online Gaming Experience
March 14, 2013 admin

In the recently concluded Mobile Word Congress, the leading chip maker, Intel unveiled a new dual-core processor platform (codenamed Clover Trail+) for Smartphones. This news is music to the ears of game developers because it will open the doors to global LTE connectivity; in short will support higher bandwidth mobile connectivity. This will allow faster data transfer of richer mobile games and lift the end-user experience to a new level.

With mobile game development companies focused on improving the user experience, the announcement by Intel that will start shipping its new processor platform in the first half of 2013 has excited mobile game developers. It will be easier to run games that have features like HD video and rich 3D graphics.

Though 3G offers the above features to a lesser extent, the gamers are wary of using up their paid minutes. In short it limits the gaming market for a few users, who are willing to spend heavily to have an enriching gaming experience on their 3G enabled mobiles. However with the new Intel processor in the Smartphones and Android tablets it will be a different story. Mobile devices will support richer and faster video streaming along with 3D visual to ensure a real life gaming experience without any extra cost.

The multiplayer online gaming companies will benefit the most because the faster transfer of the data across the mobile devices will empower multiple gamers to enjoy long sessions of real time gaming. With mobile gaming industry experts projecting heavy growth in this segment of the industry; this announcement will undoubtedly boost the prospects of the mobile games development companies.

Android Tablet manufacturers also have reason to smile because; Intel announced its first quad-core Atom processor, named, Bay Trail for Window and Android Tablets by Christmas, this year. It will empower Tablets to make optimum use of their wider screens and richer display features to exhibit powerful, real life 3D effects on their screens for an immersive gaming experience.

With Intel committed to investing in the mobile market and getting support from the major device manufacturers, the future is bright for the mobile game development companies.