Seven Reasons Why Your Mobile App Failed Or Failing
December 29, 2014 admin

Mobile application development is gathering popularity rapidly. Almost all businesses and companies want to have their own mobile app but not all taste the fruits of success. Let’s see why!
Seven Reasons Why Your Mobile App Failed Or Failing

  • Lack of proper research whether demand of the app exist or not

To decide to build a mobile app is an important and critical decision in itself. Deciding on the service you are providing through your app can be tricky, so, if you have not done proper research on the demand of the time and the users, then it can create a problem while mobile app development process. So, lack of research can make you land on the development of an app which will not attract users and hence business. This in turn will lead to the failure. Hence think and research properly to get a unique yet simpler idea which is able to attract users.

  • Poor marketing

Yes, you do need to market your application. With hundreds of thousands app in app market, the chances of touching icon of your application by users are bleak, if they don’t know about it. So lack of awareness of your app due to less advertisements can make it lead to the failure. So, do a flashy marketing to reach a wide area of users.

  • Not interacting enough

Getting your app downloaded is one thing and maintaining the user’s interest in it is another. If users are looking at your app as another space eating thing in their devices then surely they are going to delete it. So, keep the interaction on at all times to save your app from failure.

  • Bad face or designing

Though your app can create wonders as you are a successful mobile application developer but no one likes an app which lacks creative designing. If it is working well, it as well looks good also. It should not be complicated in functionality and should not look dull and make the users lose their interest in it. Many Android application development company show poor performance because of this little mistake.

  • Terrible execution

May be you have developed an excellent android application from an application developer point of view but if it portrays poor execution then it is definitely going to get dumped. Too many advertisements popping, force form filling of personal data and frequent crashing due to bugs can make the user frustrated and hence results in low ratings sufficient to kill your app.

  • Lack of focus on user’s point of view

After all for any application to survive it requires users. So, while developing an Apps it is of utmost importance that you should make it as a pro but while using it behave like a naïve user who just want to use the services and is not at all concerned that how things are getting done. Then only you will get the clear idea of what you need to focus while making the required app. Also during the execution your app should not wander off the main goal for what it is made.

  • Not differentiated properly

In this competitive world of millions of apps your app requires to be unique, however the core idea can match to many existing apps. So, think out of the box. Make it work in a different and fresh way. Also if you cannot successfully differentiate it with the mobile websites of same kind then it is surely not going to stay for long. So, failure in proper differentiation can lead to failure.