Smartphone Technology: The Key Driver of the Mobile Game Industry
March 18, 2013 admin

The mobile game market is booming and according to one study it is estimated that it will become $18.3 billion industry by 2016. Though there are many factors behind the fast growth of this industry; mobile device technology remains the key driver of this industry.

Research In Motion (RIM) kicked off with its Blackberry device, to be overtaken by Apple’s iPhone. Now Google is giving Apple a run for its money with its Android Platform. Both of them have locked horns with each other in their attempt to get a larger share of the mobile gaming pie. The fierce competition between the giants has created futuristic mobile devices that place the web world in the palms. In short people have in their hands the perfect devices that give them access to the amazing world of mobile applications, including games. The faster microprocessors touch screen features, and superior pixel densities compared to desktops have shifted the game play from the desktop to the Smartphone.

The present day flagship Smartphones like; Android’s Nexus, Apple’s iPhone’s 5 and Window’s 8X model are trend setting mobile devices that are setting the benchmarks, as of now in the mobile device manufacturing industry. With screens sizes in the 4-to-5- inch range and the size comfortable enough be slipped into the pocket; the size of the Smartphone across different brands has standardized to a great extent.

However the internal circuits, microprocessor and batteries and some areas where there improvements will occur regularly because the major players in the market will always on their toes to enhance their device performance, to entice a larger customer base. With mobile games getting more interactive and loaded with more features, longer battery life is necessary so that users enjoy longer gaming hours without having to frequently recharge their devices. This one area, which mobile device companies are focusing their attention on; with the aim to extend battery life to seven days or even more and that seems quite a possibility in near future.