Taking a Step Further!!!
November 21, 2013 admin

With the population of India growing rapidly the need for proper education systems that empower the youth of India to create a bright future. Talent and manpower is something which India contributes to the world in the growth of the world economy. The higher education system in our country has witnessed a remarkable growth in the past few years making India ahead of many other countries in the field of education and training. IT and Web industry has been growing leaps and bounds in the last few years outsourcing talent to western countries and creating more employment opportunities. This has resulted in increased general awareness about IT education in India and its importance.


With this in mind, S.P. Technolab Pvt Ltd has established its IT Training Centre which purely focuses on further development of I.T skills of the students. With the IT and web industry progressing leaps and bounds, we at S.P. Technolab aspire to spread an awareness in today’s youth about the new trends in the software development industry. As the 21st century life revolves around the internet and the virtual world taking place of the real world slowly, there is a brilliant opportunity for trained developers/ IT professionals to carve a niche career in web-development industry.

At S.P. Technolab –  , we not only upgrade our students’ I.T skills but focus on their overall career development as we groom their professional skills. Students at S.P. Technolab – I.T Training Centre are also given training on enhancing their own personalities, writing their GOALS, grooming their professional etiquettes, resume writing and many more which help develop them overall as an individual. This combined with I.T. training by industry experts create a complete package for a student’s looking for a kick-start in theirIMAG0600 I.T. career.

Our I.T Training Centre is our approach to contribute towards the development of society as we spread awareness and impart quality I.T. education to the students. Students enrolled at our training centre get an opportunity to interact with industry experts from various fields and also get successfully placed in good I.T. companies.