The Two Most Talked-About WordPress Plugins
March 10, 2014 admin

The popularity of WordPress is largely driven by the plugins that boost its performance. Plugins significantly enhance the functionality of WordPress; thus, making it more flexible and scalable. The use of plugins allows website and blog owners to manage, restrict and manipulate content effectively.

Recently, as a big fan of wordpress, I came across two clever or rather inventive plugins: SP News and Scrolling Widgets and SP Responsive Header Image Slider. These two plugins have been downloaded for more than 9500 times, and the downloading spree continues. There are numerous creative elements of these plugins that make them stand apart from the rest. As I used them for my website, I observed key features that radically changed the functionality of my website. I will talk-about both plugins in detail.

SP News and Scrolling Widgets (Downloads –> 9,573+)

Generally, almost all CMSs have a news section. However, there is less or no way to individually manage, add, edit and display the news the way you desire. To comprehensively overcome this concern, SP News and Scrolling Widgets plugin has been developed.


This plugin gives you the luxury to operate the news section in your theme vertically or horizontally as you like (view screenshots). On installing this plugin, a new tab is added to the menu. Through this tab, you can add, edit, delete and manage single news or all news just like other post on the website. You can set the title of the list, and also control the number of news items that you want to display. It was recently updated with several improved features based on the reviews from global community. The most modern update is 2.1, and the plugin is compatible with 3.1 and higher versions of WordPress.

Smart features of this plugin

  • Option to scroll main page news
  • Enable and disable news
  • Settings for vertical and horizontal scroll
  • Yearly, monthly and weekly archives
  • Seamless integration with any theme
  • Easy to configure
  • CSS and JS file for customization

SP Responsive Header Image Slider (Downloads –> 9,181+)

A lot goes into making an attractive responsive website, and to precisely enhance the beauty of responsiveness SP Responsive Header Image Slider plugin has been developed. This plugin is easy to manage, works swiftly and is useful. This plugin enables you to add a responsive header image slider and mobile touch slider to your wordpress website. On installation a separate tab is added to the admin menu. From there you can add image title and other elements that normally you do for other posts.

The best part is that you can change the width and height. You also have buttons for auto play and auto speed. The latest version of this plugin is 1.1, and it is compatible with 3.1 and higher versions of wordpress.

Smart features of this plugin are:

  • Responsive
  • Allows adding custom links
  • Options to enable and disable custom links
  • Allows adding mobile touch slider
  • Easy to configure
  • Swiftly integrates with any theme
  • CSS and JS file for customization


To use this plugin you can simply copy paste the following code into your header.php file or template file: <div class=”headerslider”> <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[sp_responsiveslider limit=”-1″]’); ?></div>

You can also use the image slider inside your page with the following shortcode: [sp_responsiveslider limit=”-1″]

Plugins like SP News and Responsive sliders enable you to effectively manage your websites. These plugins are smart, easy and seamless. If you are looking to enhance the efficiency of your wordpress website, download these plugins and assure high-performance of your websites.