Time Goal Android widget Application
October 31, 2012 admin

TimeGoal – The Android Countdown Widget.
Never forget your place in Time.

Are you tired of forgetting what’s coming up and what has passed? Time to fix that.

Use TimeGoal to create widgets on your home screen to remind you of upcoming events:

80 Days until Christmas
5 Days until my love comes home

Or, use TimeGoal to create widgets reminding you of how much time has passed since an event:

10 Days Since my diet began.
8 Days Smoke Free.

Simply add a new TimeGoal widget to your home screen and you will see a form to customize the look and feel of your new reminder. You can add one of the included background images, or an image from your own camera or photo gallery.

App Name: TimeGoal

Technology: Android

Industry: Lifestyle

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.overpass.android.timegoal&feature