Unity 3D Game Development Engine Extends Support for Xbox One, Windows Store & More
July 1, 2013 admin


Unity pioneered democratizing game development & now it offers support for Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem & for building apps for Windows Store. With this, Unity 3D game development expands its horizon.

Secret to developing an awe-inspiring game is the technology that powers it. Rich features, spectacular graphic designing and next-to-real animation is possible only when your game is developed on a robust game engine like Unity.

Recently Unity 3D, one of the most advanced cross-platform game development tool, announced to extend platform support to applications and games built for Xbox One, Windows Phone 8 and the Windows Store. In this strategic collaboration with Microsoft, Unity Pro will be available to the developers for free, until the games are published for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Which means Windows developer can leverage the Unity Pro version without paying hundreds of dollars to get the add-ons and advance functionalities. Extending platform support from android and iOS to Windows is sure to take Unity 3D game development a notch higher.

As Unity extends commitment to Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem at a considerable cost-cut, this will encourage developers and even gamers to build their game ideas for Windows Store. Unity 3D added the Windows Phone support some time back, however in the recent Microsoft’s Build 2013 conference it was made official to provide free support for Windows games.3076673153_zDvX7NVA_20100604101610_76d2348e

Any kind of Unity authored content, may it be entertaining games or educating demo tutorials can be published on Windows Store and enjoyed on Xbox One and Windows Phone 8. If you are planning to build your game concept for Windows, benefit from this offer and start your search to hire Unity 3D developer now! who can help you build a stunning game.