Unity 4.3 – What’s in for Game Lovers?
November 15, 2013 admin

Unity 3D game development has had immense acceptance because of the game engine’s capabilities to add the ‘magical touch’ to any game concept. So, what more does Unity 4.3 offer?

Hurray!! Unity 3D gets a whole new raft of game development features with the latest release – Unity 4.3. One feature update that grabs all the limelight is…. drumroll please…. the much-awaited 2D toolset. In the latest upgrade game developers will find a dedicated 2D workflow that allows you to make fantastic physic-based games with jaw-dropping ease.

unity-3d-game-development-engineDevelop ones, publish everywhere is the charm of Unity 3D which makes it a highly preferred game engine. The latest release extends support to all major desktop, tablet and smartphone’s operating system. Here’s the extensive list of frameworks Unity 3D supports – iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry 10, OS X, Linux, Flash, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows Phone 8, and Wii U. And yes, it supports web browser-based games too.

To put it the other way, Unity 4.3 games can be deployed wherever game lovers look for their entertainment. If you are planning to mint money with your nifty game idea, well, this might just be the framework to choose as it will give your game visibility and up your chances of downloads.

What’s more? Now you can develop 2D games on Unity much, much faster. Integration of the 2D animation window makes its quick and easy to iterate your game as many times as needed until it looks and plays just the way you had imagined it to. This helps save on time and costs that comes with an extended game development process.

Of course, there is no substitute to a professional Unity game development service. The commercial success of your game heavily depends on the way it plays.

There is much more to Unity 4.3. Discover it Here.