Why Corona Is Best Cross Platform For Game And App Development
October 27, 2014 admin

Corona is best cross platform to the successful development and deployment of your apps and game. For your app to be popular and lucrative, releasing it for a single platform is not really welcome now days. Cross platform SDKs offer some help in this section by allowing you to Develop Corona Cross Platform Apps.

Corona is such a commercial tool from Ansca Mobile that can be used to develop games, utilities or business apps with much ease for deployment in iOS and android platforms. Corona is probably the best cross platform tool available; read on to know what exactly makes it the most versatile SDK available.


Best Cross Platform For Game And App Development

Corona SDK- Completely Cross Platform Tools


Corona Is Best Cross Platform Easy to learn and use

Corona works on top of Lua programming language which is practically one of the easiest scripting available for developing games. Its syntax is similar to JavaScript or ActionScript 3 and is supported by a good deal of development community. It has loads of third party tools and responsive staffs making your corona experience a pleasure. It takes less than 5 hours to get familiar with the awesome features of Corona.

Rich Features  For Game And App Development

Corona has loads of features that will make it difficult to stop once you start developing with corona.

The quick and responsive simulator and code editor help you view each and every change without having to compile. Its feature rich components make monetization.

Adding images and music files can be done in a breeze and corona lets you create interactive apps.

Free analytics let you monitor the usage of your apps and this comes for free.

The cloud building feature and much more assistance in release of your app certainly makes corona the best.

Some of the winning characteristics of the corona are listed down.

  • Corona is universally crowned as the Best cross platform for gaming applications.
  • From animation to networking everything is made simpler and faster with the huge collection of API libraries.
  • Corona paves way for a standardized development as it built on industry standards like Facebook, SQLite, OpenAL, OpenGL.
  • Corona keeps on improving and lets users make use of patches and fixes via Daily Builds.
  • You can publish your apps from a single code base to major platforms like iOS, Android , Kindle Fire and NOOK . Support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are expected soon.
  • Support for in app purchases and ad networks lets you monetize and grow.
  • A brilliant community support and collaboration with peers gives you an excellent development environment.
  • Basic corona is available for free of cost.
  • It supports native application development where 100% of executable binaries are in Objective C/C++.
  • It provides an automatic Open GL –ES integration
  • Corona lets you build mobile apps 10 times faster than conventional methods.
  • Powerful performance is delivered by optimizing the hardware accelerated features.
  • Corona gives you access to device features like camera, accelerometer and many more.

With its easy to use and high performance features Corona is the best cross platform tool for starters and pros alike.