Why is iOS App Development Your Best opportunity to Generate Revenue?
April 12, 2014 admin

Apple’s iOS platform is the undisputed leader of the app world. It is clearly leading the app frontier, and holds the crown of being a global leader in terms of revenue generation and value to users. From games to social networking apps, from enterprise to mCommerce apps, iOS app development offers a wider space for innovation and revenue generation. Year on year, number of app downloads have taken huge leaps; thus, allowing iOS to flourish at an unprecedented rate.

Last year, apps download number reached 70 billion, and Apple paid more than $20 billion to the developers. These numbers clearly symbolize the supremacy of Apple’s iOS. To further strengthen these facts, there are three compelling reasons why you must invest in iOS app development.

Customers willing to pay more

Apple users are prompt in purchasing apps and spending more on games. As per the recent stats, in –app purchases accounts for more than 76% of U.S iPhone app revenue. Though, the average selling price of an iOS app is only $2.01, which is less than Android apps $3.79 yet, iOS has an upper hand in terms of revenue generation. This is mainly because not every app can make it to the app store and you can cheaply hire iOS developers. Also, quality is paramount to the iOS users, and multiple channels of revenue generation further improve chances of the app’s success.

iOS making inroads in enterprises

High speed Apple devices coupled with secure applications dethroned conventions of interacting and doing business. As enterprise mobility continue s to boom, Apple’s iOS enjoys a large pie of the mobility market. iOS has been critically acclaimed as the most reliable platform that help businesses to bank upon applications for completing business critical operations using mobile devices. If you are looking to introduce mobility among your workforce, iOS app development is the most recommended and cost-effective alternative to start with.

The iOS experience

Nothing can beat the Apple experience. From sleek and sophisticated design to the fit and finish of the device, Apple’s hardware and software architecture gives an unmatched user experience. Moreover, consistent improvement in the operating system, further offers value to the iOS users. As a result, Apple’s popularity will continue to soar in developed and developing countries. If you invest in iOS app development, your app is already a winner, as you are offering quality to the customers.


Aforementioned reasons are cover pages of the bundles of revenue generation opportunities hidden under the hood of iOS app development. The time is now to act smart and fast, and harness the benefits of iOS app development. Join the bandwagon by hiring iOS developers, and allow developers to turn your fortunes with quality app development services.